Fryed Software Rants

For anyone who has ever seen me in various message boards and seen my posts, you should know by now that I am very opinionated on just about anything that happens. I've blasted major Ti sites, pissed off various programming groups, and countless other thing involving my take on situations. This is basically a collection of some of my takes on things, not to mention to find out more about the lone, obscure, Ti-basic Programmer. Feel free to comment on anything in the rants section on the Message Board. That's what it's there for.

May 17 2005: Final Fantasy VII: Cloud's Quest - The Lost Storyline
Apr 1 2003:
The Hays Games Co.
Sept 8 2002: Death Prediction
Jun 3 2002: Trolls on Parade
Jan 27 2001:178 Reasons why Legend of Landel is taking so long
Jun 2 2000: How's Program of the month Should be Like
Apr 4 2000: Stupid Emails I get

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