How's POTM Should Be like

This is an old rant that I made when was screwing around with their POTM before they totally flushed the idea. Basically its a way to have users control the entire voting system. as it currently was, ticalc was choosing programs, and then you would vote on them, unfortunately it was very ASM biased and some of the choices were not as good as they should have been.

Personally, I've always had a grudge against the POTM system, simply because when FF7 came out, every time it came to the voting either the POTM was suspended, or Ti-Basic was conveniently thrown out of that month's voting. That is why FF7 at the time never won a POTM award, but still was the oldest Ti-basic game in the Ti Millennium awards and scored a #3 in that.

Anyhow, here's the rant. Enjoy

How the Program of the Month should be like.

1) All open. Absolutely no Interference by any staff member other than their own personal vote, Tie breaking votes, and removing of any programs that are deemed ineligible.

2) All calculators and programming languages should be separated in their own category. (Ex: 82 Basic, 82 ASM, 83 Basic, ETC. Separating by Shells and program types could also be done, but would be very irrelevant and would separate the program selection too much.) If there was only one program made for a particular category, it would automatically win the monthly award, Thus encouraging people to program more for that particular category based on better odds. If there are no programs in a particular category, that category would obviously not be in the vote for that month.

3) The voting system would be based similar to the older Nomination system that was used in previous Program of the month entries. All programs submitted during the month are eligible except for ineligible programs. The nomination vote would be the final vote instead of having two votes (one for nomination and then a final vote to award) like the old system had. Each voter can choose one program in each category. Whatever program has the most votes wins the award in its category. If a tie occurs, then the staff would decide the winner by a tie-breaking vote.

4) Programs are deemed ineligible if they have previously won the award before. Sequels of a previous winner would be considered eligible (this can be abused. they should be checked if they are different from the original version). Newer versions of a previous winner would not be eligible due to winning the award before and has already been recognized as an awarded program.

5) Since Featured programs have already been incorporated into the web page, it would have to be replaced. The best way to replace this would be to erase all featured programs status on all programs and replace it with "awarded programs". This would help in selecting which programs are ineligible for upcoming program of the month votes as well as acknowledging the program's achievement as well.

Addendum to above:

1) Separating calculators based on OS category would also be acceptable because these calculator's operating systems are virtually identical. (EX 82/83/83+ Basic, 82/83/83+ ASM, 85/86 BASIC, 85/86 ASM) There would be 8 sections total in a system like this.