The Hays Games Co.

I am writing this in advance (6/21/02) so that I can post this as soon as possible when the time came, so it's possible that this rant will be out of date.

I think it's very important to get the word out about this group. For those that are new to the Ti-community and have no clue who the Hays Games Co. is, this rant is for you. if you know who they are and want to know more about the situation, this is for you too.

Basically, The Hays Games Co. is the echelon of everything that is bad about the Ti-Community. they lie, they cheat, they steal. they do it all. they like to make enormous claims about their software when they know that it is crap. They also have a thing for bashing top programmers in the Ti community, such as Bill Nagel, Joe Wingbermuehle, and countless others, and spread Propaganda all over the place accusing them of everything they do, and more. But their biggest thing that they are known for, is their code stealing. These people take Code stealing to an unbelievable level. They steal code from websites, and will steal entire programs, label it as their own, and then proceed to proclaim how great their program is vs the same programs they stole from.

Thankfully, the Major Ti Sites have all but completely written off any Hays Programs when it comes to their archives. This was done when Hays Blatantly copied an ASM game and Packaged it as their own. Obviously copying a BASIC game (which is just as bad as copying a ASM game in my opinion) is ok but copying an ASM game is akin to Ti-community suicide, because all ti sites from that day forward removed all Hays material from their site. Honestly they should have done this a year before but it was Done nonetheless.

Usually Hays would have a period of increased activity, in which they would explode into a ball of activity, and then after all hell breaks loose they would retreat into a more safer approach. an Example of this would be here, where one of the Hays Members tells all. They have also had something I have called "Website Retreats" which they would hide in until the dust settled. some of these were called Ellis Industries, Ti-Community and countless others. they used these as cool down points while the furor died down and when it died down to a certain point, they would reopen Hays Games Co. and start the mess all over again.

Now just for the record, They are currently technically not pirating NBAJam for the 83 and calling it NBA hangtime, but they have numerous times in the past. The reason they are not right now is because they gave me credit for the game engine. If you know anything about my code stealing policy, Know that I am very lienient on it. I don't consider it code theft as long as Fryed Software gets credit either in the game, in the readme, or both. Lately I have tried to keep my game code open so that others can learn from them, and from what I can tell, it usually works well. I'm not too fond of people completely repackaging a game as a different game with a different name and giving me credit simply because it's nothing new, But that's what happens when you have open source code around. people will use it, and it's ok as long as the person who did the original work gets some credit for the remade work. Keep in maid that Hays almost Never Does this, and will only do it if they feel they'll get some sort of benefit out of it. Also keep in mind that currently their archive blatantly and openly copies my website design, a design I have had for at least two years now.

Now your probably wondering why I know so much about this group, and why I would spend a good amount of a day to write this thing. Well, the long reason is that for the past couple of years I've been doing my own personal contribution to see the destruction of Hays as well as getting the word out that this group has no business being in the Ti-Community

The Short explanation is. I am GOD.

If you don't know who GOD is, It's someone that posts regularly on their guestbook and on their Forum, primarily bashing them using Biblical terms in his posts. If you have never seen the Hays Games Co. Guestbook, go Here. It pretty much sums up the whole ordeal If you want to read through the entire thing.

Of course, I can already see the people who have read past rants and seen me rant about trolling on are now thinking to themselves that I'm some sort of hypocrite by proclaiming the evils of trolling and then proceeding to troll a guestbook. First off, the Posts always had something to do with Hays in one form or another, so they were not off topic like the literally hundreds if not thousands of random posts that are occurring in Second, the Trolling had a purpose. Which will be Explained below.

Why do this, and then keep it a secret for this long? One of the reasons was because I didn't want Fryed Software to become a direct target. I was programming heavily at the time And I honestly wouldn't know how far I would have gone to discredit them. Especially considering that nPo vs. Hays only took me five hours or so to make and test. Another reason would be I wanted them guessing to the very end who GOD was. GOD Completely Blind sided them. I figured that this would keep some of them busy finding out who I am instead of for example, Targeting another programmer, or copy another program. They could just focus resources entirely on GOD and basically do less Damage than what would normally be caused.

Anyhow, the plan was simple and was in two Phases

Phase 1:
1) Manufacture a Catalyst of Hate Direction.
2) Maintain Catalyst to focus attention from other programmers to the Catalyst
3) Use Catalyst to announce the Evils of The Hays Games Co. also Furthering #2
4) Maintain anonymity of Catalyst. which also Furthers #2

The first part involved Manufacturing a Catalyst. The Catalyst, or "GOD" was the item that would grab the attention of Hays Immediately. It had to be swift, known and impossible not to resist focusing on. After much study from what tends to infuriate them most, I threw out some Catalysts to the Guestbook. Initially These Catalysts were "GOD", "Richard Head", Various Hays Members that I impersonated, and "William Gates III" "GOD", The First Catalyst, was created based on one of their News posts Entitled "If you Program it, They will come" where Hays proclaimed that God Himself was on their side. Basically the First post I posted was that they used my (GOD's) name in vain and that They would burn in Hell for their blastphemy. This was my first post on their guestbook.

At first they didn't seem to care, until we started cranking up the posts on their guestbook. When I say we, I mean there was other people involved with helping me with phase 1. I wont say any names but they also posted using the Name God. When we made them more frequent, and more directed towards Hays itself, we started getting attention. and Once we got their attention, we would hold on until they would either wouldn't reply, or give GOD one of their hall of shame awards. (which BTW, GOD has won Every one in one form or another.)

Now of course, I predicted that they would attempt to guess the Identify of GOD. and it happened exactly how I guessed it would. They would claim that someone else that was previously giving them trouble in the guestbook was GOD. Of course I didn't want this happening because it now focuses their hate towards an individual that has no Idea Who GOD is and is someone outside of the awareness of Phase 1, So I had to create another Catalyst to focus attention back on GOD, the Primary Catalyst. That Character was "Alex Trebek" and the story behind it was that Hays members were Contestants in a Game Show called "Name That GOD" in which Hays Members would attempt in Vain to Guess the Identity of GOD. This worked much better than expected in a sense, because it distracted them from making copied games to copying "Name that GOD" and make one of their longest running staples, "Name That Nine", A show almost identical to "Name That GOD" except that when you miss the question three times, you get shot. basically they are now writing these things and not making games, so that's not a bad thing, it's a good thing. However it did shift focus more towards programmers because those were the contestants, but again, it was mostly programmers they were already targeting and guestbook posters, so more good came out of it than bad.

While they were playing with their New Name that Nine, other people started posting under the GOD name, again this takes focus away from the Catalyst, so I would constantly Remind Hays who was the Real one. This of course Led to a firestorm on their guestbook, which led to more GOD hall of Shame Awards. Eventually they closed up for the first time. which was a good thing. Or so I thought. until I figured out the pattern.

Their plan was also simple. Stay low, draw no attention, and then come out of nowhere and start the trip up all over again. this happened many times over a couple of years. The first one was Ellis Industries, the Second was a complete shutdown after getting bashed into the ground after copying an ASM game. A third was the Ticommunity site, and the one I believe that is currently in rotation, is that it's all a joke, to which I say, would be the most offensive, Illegal, and downright stupidest joke I have ever seen.

Phase 2 was happening During Phase 1. It was as follows

Phase 2:
1) Manufacture a Physical Catalyst of of Hate Direction
2) Release Physical Catalyst into Wild
3) Keep Hays focused on Physical Catalyst
4) Use Physical Catalyst to denounce the Evils of The Hays Games Co. also Furthering #3

Notice that Phase 2 is almost Identical to Phase 1. That's because Phase 2 was designed to do exactly what Phase 1 was supposed to do, but on a larger scale and outside of the scope of Hays Site. Phase 2 was conceived as soon as NBAJam was copied by Hays.

The Physical Catalyst, Was obviously nPo Vs Hays Game Co. It took roughly 1 week from concept to final release. The only reason it took a week was there was a lot of conceptual planning to this game.

Basically, I already had a strong Catalyst working in Phase 1, But there was another group that was basically doing the same thing. That Group was known as the nPo or New Programming Order. Basically is was an anti Hays group doing essentially the same thing I was doing in Phase 1. Obviously they were mimicking the WCW nWo angle and this was a good thing, because they would be useful in the planning of Phase 2.

After that lucky break, I had to choose the platform. I looked at my options. There was the Ti-83, but I figured that If I did make the game on the 83, or any Ti-82 based calculator for that matter, it would be copied by Hays to be used for more sinister purposes. there was also the Ti-92, but it didn't have the userbase. The Ti-85 did, but there were so many games for it that it would be lost in the mix. The only logical choice was the Ti-86. It had the userbase, the 86 users were rabid for anything resembling a game because most developers shunned it because of it's slow basic and limited asm sizes at the time, and Hays showed no hint of making any program on anything other than a Ti-83, so that was where the game was going.

Once the calc was chosen, I had to develop an engine for the game, Originally, I was sitting on small bits and pieces of an engine that would have become Punisher X treme for the Ti-86, the problem was that I didn't want to waste the engine on a game that would give Fryed Software no credit whatsoever, not to mention that the engine wasn't even close to, and never was finished, so I would have to basically create a game from scratch. In the End I decided instead of creating an entirely new game, I would create a game based on an older engine. Namely, the Punsyst Engine. I modified it to look different and play different. I also had a friend of mine design the nPo characters in the character select screen and the characters in the fight scene. All the other pictures were designed by me on PC.

Once the Game was finished, I Had to write the readme. which was included in the game, but something happened that was unexpected. The Hays Games Co. decided to pull their first of many "surrenders". In it, they clamed that The nPo and Hays were the same thing. They were putting it on their website hidden for a long time but I've always considered it a lie just like everything else they said daily. To this day I believe that the nPo is separate if not physical than in their beliefs, and so I had to rewrite the Readme to handle this change and released nPo Vs Hays to and

As expected, it proliferated well in the Ti-86 community. many sites carried the game even though the creator was unknown. Even Fryed Software carried it, with the back story that It was sent to me by GOD. In fact, Phase 2 worked much better than I would have Ever anticipated. Because of Fryed Software's placement in search engines, Searching for "Hays Game Co." in most web searches put Fryed Software's Ti-86 archive page as the top search. In fact, if Fryed software didn't go down because of server trouble, it would still be in google and some of the most popular search engines

When they returned for what would be many times, I used Phase 2 in conjunction with Phase 1 by Using the GOD character to promote basically his own game. Downloads for the game did surge a bit during their comebacks, but that wasn't the point, the point was to have a portable way of destroying Hays.

Unbelievable as it may seem, they never did attack Phase 2 directly. I obviously did such a good job on Phase 1 that they focused on the source of Phase 2 instead of Phase 2 itself. Which was the entire point of Phase 2 and 1, keep Hays focused on me instead of someone else.

Phase 2 did have plans for a Second Game. Namely nPo Vs Hays Game Co. 2 - Something Survived. This was going to be a completely new game for the Ti-89. It was going to be the basic system runtime test for the Slayers Engine. I especially thought about doing this after the webpage award. I do have the storyline, I have the new character designs, the Enemy, The Bosses, everything ready to go. all that had to be done was to code it, which wouldn't have taken much more time to do since the majority of the Slayers Engine is already finished..

Other Notes:

All this paid off in Various Awards, Including:
1. The Stupid A** Mother F***er of the Week Award.
2. The Stupid A** Mother F***er of the Year Award.
3. The Certified Psychopath of the Year Award.
4. The Keith Williams Intense Award.
5. The Cuntay Mother of the week Award
6. The Cunt of the Month Award
7. The Lifetime of Shame Award
8. The Worst Website of the Week Award (for Fryed Software's April 1 Joke)

Honestly, I cant really believe that they didn't know I was GOD. nPo Vs Hays was a huge tip, and I gave them various hints as to who I was. Believe me, If they really wanted to know they would only have to think and it would have came to them. either I was that damn good, they knew and didn't say anything, or these are the stupidest people I have ever seen. I most likely have posted this thing because they got it right by thinking, or came close enough to an answer I accepted, or I just felt like telling the Ti-community who GOD was. Keep in mind, that all they had to do was keep guessing and Alex Trebek would have confirmed or Denied their suspiscions. They could have guessed the entire Ti Community and eventually they would have got a correct answer.

They once had a contest going that whoever got the 1000'th hit on their webpage would receive the source code for their upcoming Doorways operating system. Guess who got the 1000's hit. Yes it was me. I just happened to hit it that day and got 1000. I algo got their 2000'th Hit as well. I have the screenshots to prove it too.

Only one person outisde of the plan knew that I was GOD. That was Adam Berlinsky-Schine. He brought up Hays one time and asked me what I thought about them copying games especially since they copied one of mine. I told him that I was doing my own thing against them. When He asked what, I told him who I was, In which he got a kick of. he proabaly doesn't even remember I told him. Everyone else that knew was either a personal friend of mine, was working with me to make sure the plan worked, or both.

I never was an nPo Member. In fact, most likely the nPo were just as confused as to my Idenity as Hays, but they were most likely smarter than hays so They should have had an idea who GOD was. And besides, why give out the name of a person that made you the primary heroes in a Game bashing the people you hate.