Final Fantasy VII: Cloud's Quest - The Lost Storyline

What you?re about to read here, is something that most fans off FFVII:CQ wanted for a long time, and that is the official storyline that was supposed to be the complete Final Fantasy VII: Cloud's Quest storyline.

First off, there are a lot of reasons why the entire storyline was never put in FFVII:CQ. The first thing you have to realize, and this is aimed squarely at the Ti-89 Users, is that FFVII:CQ did not originate on the Ti-89, but was directly ported to the Ti-89 from the Ti-92.

When me and Hiryu started making the game in 1997, a lot of the planning was done with little or no consideration on what the Ti-92 could really handle, in other words, we pretty much decided to plan first then code later. This is a lot of the reason why it took as long as it actually did to release. In the planning stage, we decided fairly quickly that this had to be something that redefined what to expect from the Ti-92. Most games on the Ti-92 at the time were lackluster at best, and we felt that the only competition that we had was from ASM games or Basic games that were on other Calculators. (Highsmith's FFX Series comes to mind)

Because FFVII had such a large story, we decided that we should emulate that as much as possible without using the original storyline or tying ours in the middle of it. This left us with two directions to take it, A prequel which would have focused on Sepiroth when he was still a hero before he died, was turned into a clone, and went nuts (Chronicles of Sepiroth), or an aftermath storyline focusing on Cloud (Cloud?s Quest). We decided that the aftermath storyline was the way to go in the matter.

After that was decided, the actual storyline was drafted into what I'll call Phase 1. Phase 1 is the 6 pages of storyline that is spoken of in the readme and in fact wasn?t dialoged storyline. Most of it resembled more of a storyboard rather than a storyline. Actual Dialog would come much later. At that point we decided what town's you would visit, the order, what you could do in said town, and all other points of interaction.

After a few months of this, we decided to start the actual coding process, from picture scanning to inserting dialog to the variable and finally the actual FFVII Walking and Fighting engine. This is when problems showed up. For those of you who never touched a Ti-92, the first thing you had to realize is that the Ti-92 did not have 128k of RAM accessible, it actually had roughly 70K, because just like the Ti-89, the OS would take up 62K of the RAM, leaving 70K for actual data storage. At this point in the game, we were planning to fill the calculator completely, use all 70K of RAM, unfortunately we didn?t think about having memory left over to actually execute the Program, especially since it never seemed to be a Problem on the Ti-85. So sometime around 25K we started running into memory errors in the testing phase.

This basically shifted the entire focus from FFVII being a huge game to being a playable one. Originally FFVII was a single huge program; this had to be changed into a subroutine intensive program to burn the least amount of RAM as possible at any time. Pictures for characters, spells, towns and the like were also cut dramatically since one full screen picture would take 3K on a Ti-92. A de facto limit of 30K was set for maximum code size (which we actually violated and hit 32K code size) but the biggest hit would come in the place we really didn?t want to cut, and that was the storyline.

We had roughly 15% of the storyline coded when we ran into problems. Originally the storyline worked much differently than what you actually see in FFVII:CQ. For one thing, the text for each character appeared over the person?s head, but that was ditched because it ate a ton of memory to place a ton of pxltext lines when we could simply split the screen into Home/Graph, move the characters around on the graph side, and do much simpler and smaller memory footprint disp commands. When this still wasn?t enough we then looked at what could be removed. Complete towns and characters were removed from the game. The full written storyline was condensed and rewritten so only the most relevant parts of it were included. The Entire spell casting system was torched in favor of the simpler multiple hit system we used. The originally planned Materia system was replaced with the one you see now, and the planned map system (FYI: A Fan named Tip DS added a Map system for the Ti-89 version and we adopted it in version 1.4) and icons that represented different towns was never completed, and only one generic icon would represent all the towns. The inventory system was also scrapped to save memory and the game was further simplified to handle this change. Multiple enemies on board as well as multiple skills and spells for them were also scrapped due to memory issues. After all was said and done and after two full weeks of testing, we released this version of the game with the readme explaining what was removed from the game we actually wanted to create.

When the Ti-92 II (and later the Ti-92 Plus pack) hit, it almost caused us to make director?s edition right then and there, there was only one problem. The plus pack was next to impossible to find at the time and the Ti92 II pack was Europe only. We decided to wait until a calc with the plus pack was officially released. Then came the Ti-89.

When the Ti-89 hit, almost immediately me and Hiryu wanted one of these badly. I finally got one three months from its release date, and immediately started porting all of my games over to it, as well as FFVII. A lot of people ask us why we didn?t just make Director?s edition right then and there. The reason we didn?t is because we wanted FFVII to be the first RPG on the Ti-89 platform, and we also wanted to be out there before ASM hit it. It was simpler to port it then to remake it, so that?s what was done. In the end we were the 2nd RPG out there. The first was A French Text based RPG I believe, and the first ASM game (A nibbles clone) beat us by three days.

When the download ratio and reviews started to soar for the Ti-89 version, that?s when we seriously decided that now was the time to make Director?s edition. The current design for FFVII was scrapped and a completely new engine would replace the FFVII engine designed specifically from the ground up to not only make FFVII:CQ the way it was supposed to be made, but make a game that would look and feel more like the actual Playstation game. It would have an actual map system with rendered backgrounds instead of just white ones, fighting graphics similar to the actual game, but with 2D sprites, all of the storyline and other systems that was scrapped, and take advantage of more efficient strategies to handle storyline size and routines.

So what happened? Monopoly got sued. A Group of Ti programmers that were making a Monopoly clone for the 92 got a Cease and Desist order from Parker Brothers. At first we didn?t really care about this, but as time went on, and more copyright CAD?s were being sent to all kinds of people online, we were genuinely scared that it was only a matter of time before Squaresoft would be knocking on our door asking for us to take down FFVII:CQ or suing for copyright violations, Especially with the amount of publicity we were getting from outside the Ti community. A few months later, we decided that it was too much of a risk to take and decided to focus on our own intellectual property, Namely the KCHS Punisher and Punisher X-Treme, which ironically got whacked for basically the same reason. (This time, we feared Marvel since they owned the copyright for ?The Punisher?, KCHS since it was their employees as well as their building depicted, and some crazy news nut desperate for a ?Columbine? story asking how we could possibly make a game about killing teachers after the columbine incident) From there, we looked at other game possibilities and finally settled on another one of Hiryu?s other properties, namely Mystic Legend. That is when we announced Legend of Landel would be our next game and that it would be based on the then newly announced Slayers Engine, The same engine that FFVII:CQ and Punisher X-Treme would have used if they were created.

Well, now that you know the rest of the story, and since this page is long enough so you can?t just take a peek for spoiler purposes, here is the complete storyline for FFVII:CQ. Keep in mind that I?m doing this from memory, since I have no copy of the original Phase 1 Document, nor did it have dialog anyway. It was more of a rough draft to begin with. I?m pretty much going to just fill in the storyline that already exists with the new material, and do it in a rough draft sort of way.

SPOILER WARNING! If you never Played FFVII: Cloud?s Quest, and you want it to be a surprise, I?d suggest that you stop reading right now!

1) The way the game started is roughly the storyline beginning as it was meant to be. First of all, Cloud is Dreaming. He was supposed to be in a bed sleeping (which was removed due to size) when Tifa woke him up. When he gets up he was about to explain what he heard in the dream and then BOOM! Originally, they didn?t know what happened until they went outside. Then they would realize that it sounded like it came from Cosmo Canyon.

2) Cosmo canyon was completely different in the original storyline. First off it had a picture of the place leveled. Second, there was no boss with a two word dialog. Instead you would start looking for survivors and there would be someone (We never decided who this someone was. We?ll call him Biggs for fun) who basically said someone came out of nowhere and blew it up, and Red XIII started chasing after him, only problem is, everyone was too busy surviving with their home being blown to bits and all to notice which direction he went.

3) Back to your town. Talking to some of the townsfolk, they mention that a Weird looking wolf just ran north. There?s your clue where to go.

4) Going north, you would find a wasteland zone. Cloud would remark that a fierce battle had to have been fought here. Next thing you see is boss #1 (They all did have names. Damn if I can remember them. He?s the First of Rhylos?s Henchman and only says ?You Die!? in the original game) with your Red Dog Friend captured. Basically, he would say some long winded speech about how pathetic Red XIII was and how he?ll break you with his bare hands. When you break him instead, Freeing Red XIII, Red would tell you that Boss #1 came to Cosmo Canyon looking for an ancient artifact but instead blew it up when he found out that Cosmo Canyon didn?t have what he was looking for. Red Comments that some Ancient Ruins may have an answer.

5) The Ancient Ruins weren?t anything spectacular. You would go in looking for information but instead find Unreleased Boss #1. (This boss didn?t make the cut. It was basically an ancient monster/guardian tied to the ruins.) Once you beat the boss, you would find in the ruins a depiction of a great war between light and darkness over an immense power capable of changing the fate of the world in an instant. You would also learn that the forces of light (good guys) wanted the power to protect the world in its current state while the Forces of darkness (bad guys) wanted to remake the world, purging the old world in the process. Most of the party doesn?t see this new revelation as something important, Except for Red XIII, who basically says that this artifact may be what this guy was looking for, and sounds really bad to him, but since you?re still stumped on what?s really going on, you decide to ask for expert help and seek out Vincent. He seems to know everything right?

6) Ah Vincent! You?re investigating the Cosmo Canyon Incident. You have the answer for everything Right? Wrong. This storyline really didn?t differ much to the actual storyline that made the game. Apparently all he knows is that a weapon didn?t blow it up. Well hell you know more than that now, it was some crazy nut that you leveled 2 bosses ago who might have been looking for an ancient artifact from a war long ago that was mentioned in some old ruins. Intrigued by this new information he decides to attempt to find more information in Wutai (that?s right. Not Kalm) and to meet him there. Cloud figures since Cid a flying genius he?d have something whipped up to cross the continent.

7) Cid is another one of the storylines that pretty much made it. There are a few differences however. First, the plane had the name HighWind II and there?s was a catch written in the storyline. The plane had no Mako energy to fly, so your party had to find some. Hence the Hunt for Mako begins.

8) In the ancient ruins, that boss you fought in there happened to run on Mako Energy. You basically go in there, find this out, get the Mako energy and run back to Cid

9) Cid then basically would spew roughly the same dialog as in the real game. (It?s a one way trip), which if you said Yes would have resulted in a small cut scene of the plane flying across water to the next continent. (Fun Fact: Hiryu was REALLY into playing Soul Edge at the time, so basically ?The Grueling Battle Ended with the Victory by Mitsurugi? Became ?The Plane trip ended with the landing at Kalm Town?. It took me over a year to realize this, and Hiryu never realized it until I brought it up to him. Frankly I don?t think anyone else realized this either.)

10) So your party Lands in Kalm and then quickly realize that Vincent?s not here, he?s in Wutai. So Cloud and Tifa hoof it to Wutai. When they get there, It?s being attacked by Unreleased Boss #2 (This one was another one of Rhylos?s henchman) Apparently, Vincent ticked someone off, because that?s who he?s looking for. Of course, no one in Wutai has any idea who Vincent is. When cloud gets there, he decides that this guy has roughed up enough innocent people and decides to take him on. Apparently also, he was somehow related to boss #1, and thought Vincent whacked him, but once he finds out that Cloud?s the reason why boss #1 is now taking a dirt nap, he wants revenge and jumps him. Once he?s sleeping with the fishes, out comes Yuffie. She basically tells you that we had this guy under control until you guys showed up and chastises you for getting in her way. (Some gratitude; Next time I?ll let the place burn.) She also says that Vincent ran off to Kalm to check out something, but thinks he?s a chicken for running from Boss #2 instead and made some lame excuse to leave. She also says that he wanted to know where Vincent was, but we didn?t tell him because we?re excellent (liars) under fire. So it?s back to Kalm.

11) At Kalm, Vincent is there; So far he?s been useless in the Information department but that about to change big time. In the Game storyline, He just basically says ?Rhylos is in New Midgar, go get your butt kicked? but it was much longer than that. He first would start saying that I looked into that story you told me before, and found out the outcome. The forces of light won the war and the artifact, but after they won there was the question of what to do with the now defeated Forces of Darkness, Especially 5 Leaders of an elite squad of dark followers that were the most powerful forces in the Dark arsenal. Since they were so powerful they could not be killed by traditional means, it was decided that the only way to deal with them was to imprison them in the very thing they wanted to control; The LifeStream. So using the power of the Artifact, they imprisoned them in a crystal prison (A La Sepiroth) and injected it into the LifeStream. He also mentions the leader of the five was Rhylos, and was the strongest warrior in not only the elite squad, but in the entire dark force, which he personally led through the 4 other members of this squad. He thinks that some group of followers is using the lost power of darkness to release them, so that they could finish what they started in a world just rocked by Armageddon. Anyhow he says we need to find the Artifact and some strange people have been seen in New Midgar and he wants Cloud to check it out. Keep in mind he never mentioned Rhylos was there, just some strangers.

12) At New Midgar, there are some other big changes. Cloud would walk into the bar, and there?s this guy. In the game, he talked to Rhylos but this guy is actually the one that you were supposed to be talking to. When Cloud asks him about Cosmo Canyon, he would start to get really offensive and start to suspect something, and when he brings the Artifact up, he suspects that Cloud?s the one who Defeated Boss #1 and Unreleased Boss #2 and are now looking for him. He would then decide that he?s got to be taken out at all costs since he is the only thing standing in their way. Guess what? He?s Unreleased Boss #3! (Another Rhylos Henchman) Once you put him in his place, someone who watched the Bar brawl starts to congratulate cloud on how easy you took out Unreleased Boss #3, and begins to approach him. He then starts to go on how Unreleased Boss #3 used to be one of the strongest people he ever met until ?that prison made his heart weak? and mentions that even with all of his immense power, he was never a match against me. When Cloud asks him who he is, he tells him that his name used to be feared by entire countries but now time has forgotten him, and tells him to never forget the name Rhylos. Cloud, somewhat surprised that this guy clamed to be Rhylos, pretty much asks why Cosmo Canyon was destroyed, which he replied that it reminded him of his past, and the forces of light he fought eons ago, and he wanted to take it out before it rose up against him, and that no one can stop him now since the last vestige of light was destroyed in Cosmo Canyon, not even yourself. When Cloud comments that Rhylos is mad, he remarks that the Last guy that said that had a fate worse than Death, and that you were going to join him. And it?s on!

13) After Rhylos kicks your Puny Behind, It?s LifeStream Time with your Host, Aeris. This Dialog, although condensed, is pretty much untouched. Aeris lets it all out just like she did in the game. She first tells you that you can defeat Rhylos, Then she mentions that the Artifact is a Master Materia Capable of controlling the Entire LifeStream (The Orb was used because it was smaller than ?The LifeStream Materia? which was one of the original names for the artifact) and could completely change the entire world into whatever the owner of the Materia desires. It goes on to say that the 5 leaders were imprisoned in the LifeStream using the Materia, since it was deemed the only solution to rid the world of their darkness, (well you already knew that) When Cloud asks how they escaped, Aeris says that they used their still remaining power to escape when the LifeStream was weakened by the Meteor Spell. She also says that being trapped in and their escape from the LifeStream has weakened them, and they are no longer immortal, which is why and how you defeated three of them. She also mentions they are looking for this artifact to not only remake the world and become immortal once again, but return to the seat of power that they once had. When Cloud asks how to defeat Rhylos, she says that The Lifestream is the only thing that can truly defeat him, and that the Materia is the answer. She finally says that Vincent now knows the location of the Materia and Red XIII will know how to defeat Rhylos with it. Really the only major difference is Red XIII is not dead, so Cloud doesn?t say that line.

14) Cloud wakes up from Dreamland to find Tifa there. This also stays roughly the same to the actual game. He?s been knocked out for days, and luckily, Rhylos though he finished you off and left you for dead. She also mentions that a strange Building has risen in the east, and it must e the work of Rhylos. Of Course Cloud doesn?t screw around and it?s time to talk to Vincent in Kalm Again.

15) Back in Kalm, there?s Vincent. When cloud talks to him, He says that the Materia was hidden away in a secret temple in the remains where Midgar Once Stood. When Cloud informs him that Rhylos is Alive he says that he must hurry and find the Artifact Before he does, especially since he got a head start when he knocked you out. Not much different from the original, just more words.

16) In Midgar, the largest change occurs, and will affect the entire storyline as you know it up until the end. When you get there, you actually find out that Boss #2 (This is the final Rhylos henchman; he?s the one in the game that says ?Never? and ?Over My Dead Body?) has found the item. As he?s beginning to celebrate the greatest find in Dark Forces History, Cloud shows up to ruin the fun. At First, Boss #2 is stunned. He knows exactly who you are and he knows that Rhylos served you sometime last week with a deathblow that would kill any normal man. When Cloud Demands the Materia, he tries to coax Cloud out of continuing this crusade, and starts to get really serious about his mission and why he?s doing it. He tries to convince Cloud that the Dark Forces are the real good guys and that they were written to be evil by the victors of the Great War. He first says that the People of light were the corrupt ones. They had all the power, the glory, and the corruption and would stop at nothing to maintain it. He also says that Rhylos was the first man to stand up to the unscrupulous leaders in their seats of arrogant power, and that?s why they sought for his destruction as well as his followers. He even goes as far as comparing the forces of light to Shinra Corp. by telling cloud that history repeats itself and to look at his own past in the Shinra. On the record Shinra Corp. is looked at as reputable and trustworthy, but you know better knowing what you know now, and when you stood up to them in AVALANCHE you were labeled as terrorists and mass murderers. He continues to say that Rhylos Fought the same battle you fought years ago, only against the Forces of Light Instead of Shinra, and Just like the Shinra, the Forces of Light are manipulating you into doing their dirty work for them. This is starting to make Cloud think, but Tifa tries to get a hold of him. Finally Boss #2 puts down an offer. Join Rhylos. With this Materia he can bring the world back to social order. The Past, Present and Future would be changed forever. The entire fate of the world would be changed, Shinra, Sepiroth, and the Entire Armageddon saga that they spawned would have never happened and the world will succumb to an everlasting peace that it hasn?t seen for generations. Cloud thinks for awhile, Tifa calls his name, thinking he?s buying into this stuff, when he finally says ?This is your last chance to give me the Materia?, in which Boss #2 says you made a foolish decision and now you must pay for it. And it?s on.

17) After you beat the last thing standing between you and Rhylos, Cloud decides that he must talk to Red XIII in Neo Midgar to find out how to stop Rhylos. When you get there, you talk to Red XIII. He looks at the powerful artifact and says this is the answer to Defeat Rhylos. He says with this, you can manipulate the Lifestream to protect you from his massive attacks, but they will still be very powerful attacks even weakened, and you must be able to withstand these weakened but still very powerful attacks. Then Cloud pops the question; ?are we doing the right thing?? Tifa and Red XIII are stunned by this question out of the blue. Obviously that last Spat with Boss #2 is still on Cloud?s mind. Basically Cloud puts up some points similar to what Boss #2 threw up and Tifa and Red XIII convince cloud that Rhylos is the real bad guy, and that if he was the good guy then why did he blow up Cosmo Canyon, torture innocent people and overall terrorize the populous making them think it?s Armageddon II. This Convinces Cloud that this must stop, and he and Tifa will put an end to this, so it?s off to see the Temple of Rhylos for the final showdown.

18) At the Temple, the doors are unlocked and it?s open for business. There is no Red XIII in the Temple and when you arrive, Rhylos does not simply say ?The boy is back? in some happy go lucky ?I whipped your behind and you still want more? kind of tone like he does in the current game. He starts out by thanking you for bringing his Materia home to him. Cloud begins to tell him that he?s here to destroy him and Rhylos quips that he?s heard that more than once but He?s never heard it from the same man twice until he met you. He then asks for your name and Cloud gives him the ?The Name?s Cloud Remember that!? line. He then proceeds to pop the question to Cloud to formally join him. He knows it?s on Cloud?s Mind because Rhylos says ?I feel it in your Soul, Cloud?. He then proceeds to tell Cloud that he can Save millions of souls by using the Materia to remake the World without Shinra, Midgar won?t fall to a weapon because it would never need to attack it in the first place, and the entire world will live in an endless peace with no wars, no armies, and no limits to what can be done. With this said, Cloud again starts with the doubting with Tifa attempting to talk him out of it. Finally Rhylos Pops an Ultimatum, Give him the Materia and save the world from itself, or refuse to give me the Materia and Face Certain Death. Now this is where the storyline gets fuzzy, since we actually debated this out in phase 2 storyline if I remember correctly, but at this point in phase 1 it would pose the answer to you the player. You could choose ?Give the Materia to Rhylos? or ?Fight Rhylos to the Death! What you chose here would affect how the storyline would continue and what ending you would get. If you chose to give the Materia to Rhylos it would end the game with a ?Bad Ending? or you would fight him to the Death for the ?Good Ending?.

19) If you chose to fight Rhylos to the death, you pretty much got the entire Temple of Rhylos storyline from the original game. He would be disappointed in Cloud?s decision since you and him would make a great team, but says it all for nothing now since he has to destroy you. Cloud mentions the Materia and that he knows how to use it to defeat him. Rhylos cackles and says that Cloud knows nothing, and all you have done is delayed your inevitable demise and that he will change this world into the ultimate utopia of your wildest dreams. Then its Tifa turn to tell Rhylos that he?s Insane. Cloud says this ends now, and it?s on for the Final Battle.

20) The Good Ending: Congratulations Cloud, you just totally Served Rhylos for serving you last week! You begin to look at the fallen corpse when suddenly Rhylos rises from the Ground and snatches the Materia from you! He then starts to give some long winded Mad Scientist ?Finally! It?s now the time to remake this world into the ultimate utopia!? Speech and proceeds with his plan when something bad happens. Just as he starts the spell to remake the world, the Materia shatters in his hands! Apparently the Stress from the last battle weakened it so much that it couldn?t take the strain of casting the spell in such a short period of time. With the spell in progress and no way to control the LifeStream with the Materia destroyed, LifeStream is everywhere and it envelopes Rhylos and proceeds to slowly consume him. Meanwhile, the building is also taking huge damage from the LifeStream swirling around and you got to get out of there. Tifa says the obvious and says the building is breaking apart. Cloud assures Tifa that we?ll get out of here. From there, you escape with just enough time to watch the building implode before your very eyes, and Cloud remarks it?s over. Now, with Tifa and Cloud finally done with this quest, Cloud Starts talking about the decision he had to make in the temple again, and it made him think about destiny, and how Rhylos wanted to ultimately control his, and it got him to thinking that he cannot change the past but he could change the future, and it was his turn to control his own destiny. At that point, he proposed to Tifa for her hand in marriage. In which she says yes. From there it would start rolling scenes of the marriage during the credits. While it was running credits, it would run dialog basically saying that he can?t believe everyone made it, and someone says I wouldn?t miss it for the world. It would have had scenes of just about every major player in FFVII sitting in on the wedding; it would show Tifa and Cloud walking down the aisle, the kiss, the bouquet throwing with Elena (the Shinra Turks agent with Tseng, Reno, Rude and Co.) catching it, Some more poses with Cloud and the Gang, and it ended with the Newlywed couple driving off On Cloud?s Motorcycle into the unknown.

21) The Bad Ending: Smooth Move stupid! Rhylos has got the Artifact now and is about to start with his plan for the world. He gives the Mad Scientist ?Finally! It?s now time to remake this world into the ultimate utopia!? Speech and then proceeds with his plan. There?s a huge flash of Light and in an instant it?s over. Oddly enough He?s true to his word. The world is in everlasting Peace, There are no armies, no Shinra, Sepiroth or meteor, Midgar doesn?t get destroyed, and millions of people are saved! Sounds like you picked the right choice huh? Well not quite. You see, none of that happened because of what Rhylos changed! Cloud, Tifa and the rest of the gang were never born! Midgar didn?t get destroyed because it never existed in the first place! The Millions of people you saved were not the victims from the Midgar disaster but Rhylos?s devoted followers from his past life and his 4 man circle of friends! There are no wars, social order and everlasting Peace because Rhylos Rules with an Iron fist so strong that no sane person would dare to challenge him! All of this, the pain, the suffering, the billions of lost souls due to all the changes was caused by a single doubt in a now extinguished soul, who doubted what countless others knew would be a hopeless outcome. At his point it would start rolling credits with pictures of the 5 generals of the dark elite basically suppressing the populous, terrorizing people, acquiring massive amounts of wealth and power, ETC, with the final picture being Rhylos cackling behind an image of a fallen world. At this point (which was also debated before the Dual ending concept was removed in Phase 2) it would delete your save file for the game, making you have to play the game from scratch in order to see the good ending. We also debated doing this in the good ending too, but decided that they earned it for making the right decision.

Well, that?s pretty much all of it, or at least what I can remember of it. You?re probably asking where Barrett and Cait Sith is since I said that everyone was in the Game, well Cait Sith you would find in the bar where Rhylos mopped the floor with your Spiky hair after you woke up from your Pain Induced Coma. When you went in, there would be a guy drinking in there, when you would talk to him, He would start talking to you like he knows exactly who you are, and you find out that it is Reeve, The guy that controlled Cait Sith all along. He basically hung the Cat up on the wall and retired from life through animatronics. As for Barett, He manned the Weapons store in Neo Midgar. Weapons were his specialty since he had one grafted to his arm after all. When you first meet him he explains that he?s no longer into the terrorist business and is now a homemaker, and he?s doing this for his daughter's sake. The weapons that he would have sold would have been the highest level weapons in the game. I?m pretty sure there was a Biggs and Wedge somewhere in the game too, but no clue where they were in the game. Also in various hideouts, there were Turks around as well since they seemed to be everywhere you were in FFVII (the squaresoft game) anyway.

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