Ticalc.org Trolls on Parade

A lot of people ask me why I bash ticalc.org as much as I do. I do it because I feel that they could be doing some things better that what they are currently doing now. Don't get me wrong, I think that Ticalc.org is a good Ti calculator related site, I just think that some things could be improved upon. This is one of those things.

If you haven't been at Ticalc.org for awhile, you'll probably notice that the amount of posts on a particular news item has literally tripled over the past couple of months. this is happening because the news system is getting trolled at an alarming rate. how bad?, take a look for yourself.

The Above is basically what happens when you get bored listening to a stats class in the other room all day,

The green Line represents the overall average posting of ticalc.org over the entire posting system. This should be the general average that the news posts should get if the boards weren't being trolled. keep in mind that this also takes the trolls into account so even this might be off, but if anything it wouldn't be rising as steep as it currently is.

The red line indicates where the average actually is going over a period of time using a polynomial equation. keep in mind that it should be close to the green line most of the time.

I also forecasted the red and green lines for 180 days to see what would be expected 6 months from now if the trend continued. basically, expect 300+ posts to be the norm for any news post 6 months from now.

Of course, if you like seeing W00T!!!!!!!, SKREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!, AOOUOUOUOUOuououOUOuoUOuooo, <Insert Ordinal Number Here> post, Post Pyramids, and entire novels being posted totally off topic in a news item then you obviously like what you see happening over there, otherwise, your probably as annoyed I as I am about it right now.

So What should Ticalc.org do? Simply add user moderation to the news posts. It works for slashdot daily. it worked for calc.org and it would surely remove a ton of the garbage Ticalc.org is getting right now from their news posts without involving a ton of the ticalc.org admins time, or their bandwidth or storage space.