Death Prediction

The Following below is what I originally posted in an Unofficial News Article concerning one of the many downtimes of I'm putting it in my rants section to keep for prosperity as to when I officially declared dead. I have no inside information concerning that is fueling this prediction, this is pretty much derived from what I have witnessed from so far. Keep in mind that to date I have recevied no response to this prediction or any response to the downtime at the time of writing this rant. (9/8/2002)

I've been thinking about this for awile now and I have come to a Conclusion about the whole situation. will close or simply disappear before the End of the Year.

As a Site Hosted on their server, I hate to say this, simply because was a good host for a couple of years, and did everything in their power to stay up for it's users. but I cannot any longer ignore the huge Big Red Blinking Self Destruct Sign hanging over that site right now.

My conclusion is based on previous Fold up's of other high profile sites. Ti-Files fell this way, other high profile site folded in similar ways. Basicially, in the Ti-community, the "we're rebuilding and will be up shortly" is another way of saying "We're bored with the site now and we're going to kill it off slowly"

Frankly, and this is coming from someone who is basicially a Dinosaur in the Ti-community, Most people get board with Ti-calculators basicially after High School. After High school, when they go to college, they make less time to program, because the classes are less boring and more spread apart, unlike High school, where you basicially sit in a chair for roughly 7 hours bored to death. I cannot tell you how many TI Programs I made in high school. it's probably around 20+. I think I made less than 5 after High School. Hell, I've been working on a game engine on and off for almost 3 years now. And There really isn't much motavation to finish it even though it may only take a day to finish it off.

As for the Hosted sites, they will most likely have to find a new host very soon and probably on short notice. In my particular case, most likely i'm going to have to get webspace from my ISP. Frankly, I dont think would host Fryed Software for a million dollars and I wouldn't blame them, after all with some of the stuff I've said about them over the past 6 years I dont think I would even be confortable with them as my host.