Icons Interactive Help System

Step 5: Managing Icons:

1) there are other things you can do with icons. the first thing is moving them. to start, move the cursor over the icon and press Apps.
2) Select "Icon Management".
3) Notice that this menu is different than before. This is the Existing Icon Management Menu. Select "Move Icon"
4) the word "MOVE" will appear, telling you that the cursor is in move mode. Move the cursor where you want to put the Icon and press enter, Otherwise, press Esc.
5) The Icon is Now Moved. If there was an Icon in the position where we moved this icon to, they would have traded positions.
6) You can also redefine Icons as well, first move over the Icon and press apps. Select "Icon Management"
7) Select "Define Icon"
8) The "Define Icon Management System" window appears. you can now change the values and press enter to save the changes. more information on this window can be found at Step 3: Inserting Icons.
9) the last thing you can do is delete an icon. Like before, move the cursor over the icon, press Apps and Select "Icon Management"
10) Select "Delete Icon"
11) This box pops up. Press enter to delete the Icon and Esc to abort deleting the Icon
12) the Icon is now gone.
After you do the above, go to Step 6: Icon Sets.