Icons Interactive Help System

Step 1: Installing Icons to your Ti-89 or Ti-92:

WARNING: Icons must be installed in the Main directory for the program to work correctly. This had to be done in order to keep other programs from corrupting icons when they change folders. Previous Icons programs could run programs in other folders, but if execution stopped and the folder was not changed back to main, system corruption would occur. Icons corrects this error by forcibly changing to the main folder. If you try to move Icons to another folder, Corruption May occur and the system files would appear in the main folder anyway. I know some users might not like this feature, but it was unavoidable and was the only way of fixing the problem without adding a lot more code to the system.

  1. Download Icons for the Ti-89 or the Ti-92.
  2. Unzip the icons zip file.
  3. Send the file icons.89g or icons.92g to your Ti-89 or Ti-92. If you are upgrading from a previous version of icons, you can ungroup the icons file and just send the program Icons to your calculator.
  4. If you wish, install the optional add-on's for icons located in the folder where you unzipped the files. Their installations will be explained later.

After you do the above, go to Step 2: Running Icons.

Note: Icons ver. 5.0 and above for the Ti-92 is incompatible with any Icon Sets from icons 4.1 and earlier. To make them compatible, do the following.

  1. open the icon sets in the data/matrix editor.
  2. move the cursor to r1c1.
  3. hit f6, select delete, then select column.
  4. repeat #2 and #3 once more
  5. exit the data/matrix editor

If the above doesn't work, you will have to redo your icon sets.

Why is Icons located in the Main Folder instead of it's own folder?
A: Because of it's Ti-92 legacy. When Icons was first created, many program were located in the main folder. Also, the calculator defaults to the Main folder for most of it's tasks. As programs got larger and more complex, folders were starting to be used. this is especially relevant on the Ti-89.

Q: Is there a Ti-92+ Version of Icons?
A: Well Yes and No.
While the Ti-92 Version of icons will most likely work with the Ti-92+, There is a slight chance that the Home Screen Emulation and Program Error system will not work correctly. This is due to some changes they did to the way the Ti-92+ Reports Errors. The Ti-89 version will work better with the Ti-92+, But it wont take advantage of the Ti-92+'s Screen size. There may be a version of Icons for the Ti-92+ someday. Want to get the Project moving? E-mail me.