Current Project Information.

Some of the Games I work on take a lot of time to make, debug, and finalize for a public release.  This area is a progress report of the project I am currently working on at the moment.

Slayers Engine Development

This is the current Progress of the Graphical Storyline and RPG Engine, otherwise known as the Slayers Engine. As of right now, only the Dialog, Enlargement, Walking Menu and some inventory controls are fully functional. Buying, Selling and fighting engines are still in design phase and no code has been developed at this time for those particular parts of the engine.
This is a test of the text box control, which is the primary core of the Slayers Engine What this screenshot is showing is the Slayers Engine Poping dialog as fast as it can, one picture transition, two picture transition,a Enlarge picture set at 70% size, a fade to picture test, four level greyscale, pause, timed pause, and then It executes the menu control. the data file that executes these tasks is only 884 bytes
This is another animated picture. This one is the Slayers Engine Enlargement Control. It basically shows an X picture enlarging and stretching to 2x it's normal size. Some parts of the control doesn't have support above 1x picture sizes, so the picture breaks up when it's enlarged over 1x in some places.
This is a Test of the Walk Control. This example is using a lot of the pictures and Characters from Legend of Landel. It Uses a similar moving scheme to Final Fantasy VII but now has backrounds and collision detection. This engine can handle in it's current form 1000 seperate rooms. It can also handle items placed on the board and character storyline, but that has not been developed yet.
This is a test of the animation control built into the slayers engine. The animations that you see were originally from Punisher X treme. Keep in mind that this particular animation control differs from the standard built in cyclepic command. It can place animation wherever I want it to be on the screen as well as reuse picture frames in order to save as much memory as possible. The Animated Image seems to be slower than the animation on calc.
This is a picture of what the inventory menu will be like. it's not totally finished but the basics are there. All the program currently does is show the inventory as well as the description for the item. In the middle of the screen most likely will be stats for the RPG characters. The SORTING INVENTORY message means that the inventory is sorted by frequently used Items currently in the inventory. It was already sorted however when this picture was made.
This is a test of grayscale animation using a combination of the Grayscale and Animation control. TiShot does not handle this well at all, so I had to actually slow down the animation and edit the frames of the generated gif file to make it look somewhat correct and at the right speed. On an actual calculator flicker is unnoticable. It was originally an animated gif of Goku that I converted into an animated and grayscale format. Generally speaking, this is not RAM friendly, and takes up roughly 70K on the calculator. Like all the other controls, no ASM, ASM Library or ASM Exec calls are used to generate this.

Current Game Engine Information.

Fryed Software has built a lot of Game Engines over the last few years. These are some of the more popular engine designs that have been used.

Graphical Fighting Engine
(PunSyst Engine)

Calculator Ti-85 and Ti-86. Has been ported to the Ti-92 at one point in time.
Description Graphical Fighting Engine. Originally Used in KCHS Punisher II. Known as the Punisher System Engine (PunSyst Engine)
Features Highly Scalable: Can be used to completely make a whole new game. Can support Unlimited stage levels. Enemies have Level of difficulty based on Life Ratio. Can supports up to 15 separate weapons. Can support up to 15 separate Player Characters each with there own strengths and weaknesses. Supports Weapon combos. Supports save feature. Can support hidden Levels and Characters. Small Code size. Fast. Designed to be used with Pictures.
Notes One of the most used Ti-85 engine of it's day. Still one of the most graphical game engine. easy to add functionality to the engine code.
Games Used KCHS Punisher II (Deleted), KCHS Punisher III (Deleted), KCHS Punisher IV, nPo Vs Hays Game Co., KCHS Punisher for the Ti-92 (Deleted), Has been used in various other Ti-85 games made by Nomad Software, all of which are not known at this time. Ones known are Conquest (Deleted) and Mystic Legend (Deleted)

RPG Real-time Fighting and Walking Engine
(FF7 Engine)

Calculator Ti-92, Ti-92+, Ti-89
Description Completely Real-time Fighting and World Mapping Engine. Designed originally for use on Final Fantasy VII
Features Fighting Engine Supports full Real-time fighting capability. Can support many Real-time characters. Can handle all forms of RPG fighting Engine styles. can handle many separate areas. Very Fast. Walking Engine can support many different town styles as well as inside the town itself. Can support backgrounds. Very Graphical. Can support very large worlds. 
Notes Actually two separate engines, the Walking Engine and the Fighting Engine, but were bundled in FF7. The Fighting Engine has been tested to handle over 20 Real-time players and enemies and could handle more. The FF7 engine is one of the fastest in Ti-basic. The Fighting Sequences runs at speeds not even seen in Fargo yet. 
Games Used Final Fantasy VII: Clouds' Quest, Nomad Software's Mystic Legend 92' (Walking System only)

Graphical Storyline And RPG Engine
(Slayers Engine)

Calculator Ti-92, Ti-92+, Ti-89
Description Graphical storyline engine designed to be used in a RPG environment. Named the Slayers Engine after the original proposed use for the engine, a fully graphical Fighting/RPG game based on the Slayers Anime Series.
Features Highly Modular: Engine can be used to create multiple RPG games with little to no code modification. Highly Scalable: Can Be used for almost any situation where graphics are needed. Highly Graphical: Has produced some of the most stunning effects ever seen in Ti-Basic. Supports grayscale full screen pictures at 4 grays, Supports Grayscale Picture Manipulation at 3 grays. Supports full enlargement, shrinking and stretching of special picture formats. Supports multiple picture manipulation to simulate animation movement. Supports full positional animation capabilities. Supports storyline functions like text, Menus, and Picture Fades/transitions. Supports direct drawing of lines, circles and dots if necessary.
Notes Still In development. More may be added in time. is fast enough to be used in a fighting environment as well as a storyline environment. Designed to run in a Real-time state. Features were tested on a Ti-89 and Ti-92. Will not work on a z80 based cale due to their Ti-Basic restrictions. Enlargement, Shrinking and stretching must be pre loaded in order to get the full speed benefits, but could be run on a one file picture basis with reduced speed. Grayscale requires special pictures to simulate grayscale. Uses no Basic Enhancing ASM library to run.
Games Used Punisher X-Treme (dropped), Legend of Landel (In Development), Slayers Duel (Planned),

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