Fryed Software News.

Qct 9: As you can see, Fryed Software is back on it's own server, however, this site is now here for archival purposes only. If you haven't heard already, Me and Hiryu decided to merge our sites into one big site, which is located at If you want the latest information on our projects and programs, you'll want to go there.

Apr 10:
Boardhost has finally decided to add user initiated registration to their board. This should stop or the very least let me control who gets on the board so we don't get spammed all day by Poker schemes and other BS, so I'm going to give it a shot. What does that mean for the ikonboard forum? Well it's going to go away since ikonboard is still not exactly my cup of tea in the "screw your community by changing owners every five minutes" category. the majority of posts are on boardhost and not the ikonboard one so it's easier for me to kill that one off then kill off the boardhost one. The old webspace that was used for ikonboard is going to be the test site for the new Fryed/Nomad software (bluecrimson) site we're planning to create. It's going to be up and down while I try CMS's, forums and the like and see what me and hiryu like for a site.

Dec 14: I finally got access back to, so I can finally post this. Me and Hiryu have decided to move our sites to a new server, but not only are we going to move, we are going to merge both of our sites into one single site. We are also planning to use a new group name when the merge is complete and suggestions are welcome in the forum. The move has not happened yet, but it will most likely happen before the end of the year or when we finally choose a new name. In the meantime, the mirror site at is still up in case goes down, and the forum at is also still available if you want to make name suggestions.

Nov 6:
Wondering why the Main site hasn't updated in awile? Apparently I cannot connect to the FTP server anymore from adelphia. I can connect to it from other ISP's, but since I don't Enjoy uploading filles at 14.4 speed using my cell phone, it's just going to stay the way it currently is unless its absoletly necessary to update. I've sent a mail to support e-mail (I gave up on giving me support. Also I can't call because their phone is disconnected. a great sign right there.) and hopefully I'll get an answer sometime this year. Figured I'd let everyone know why the site isn't updating. Any major updates will be on the forum or the mirror at, since thats not hosted here and can still actually use those sites.

Sept 26:
The [SmD] gaming clan site has been closed, so I moved around the links to accept the change.

Aug 6:
I finally got sick and tired of the spammers that are flooding boardhost with garbage, so I decided to do something about it. I now have a new Ikonboard forum installed on a different server and have retired the old board. you will still be able to see it by clicking on board on the main site, but you won't be able to post in it anymore. The new forum has a lot more features and is overall a much more advanced forum than the old board system. Click here to check it out.

June 5:
Actually did some work on the Slayers Engine this weekend. This time, I added a Demo of Grayscale Animation to the mix. You can see it on the Projects Site. There have also been other changes to the Engine as of late. Now the walking engine handles positional overlay, which basically means we can insert smaller images into a background image (for example a doorway in a hallway) so that we can make bigger areas and recycle other background images to save memory without them all looking the same. It also can in theory support tile mapping, but is not designed for it and is somewhat inefficient at it.

May 17:
Considering that the chances of Final Fantasy VII: Cloud's quest, director's edition being created at this time is pretty much zero, I decided to publish what the entire Final Fantasy VII: Cloud's Quest storyline was supposed to be. You'll find it in the Rants Section.

Jan 29:
Since my e-mail address was getting so much spam it's practically useless to me now, I decided to put the spam filled address to good use and use it to attempt to sell my consumer soul to the new age spammer and hopefully get a new Mac mini out of it. I'm no big fan of Apple, but I figured it would make a good computer for my mom and dad. Click here If you want to help me out and get in the running for your own Mac mini. I suggest you use an E-mail address that is spam filled (my guess is your going to get a lot from this) and have a credit card, since you have to sign up for one of the promotional offers to be eligible. Basically I'm now a member of Blockbuster Online, which cost me $10 a month. Since I was going to sign up for netflix anyway I decided to give this a shot first. I'll post the results of this new age, opt-in, spam me to death for my free goods pyramid scheme as soon as anything changes on it.

Dec 28: I did some changes to the links. Finally removed the download IE icon because you probably have it by now. Added again and updated the link so it no longer says Dimension-Ti on it. And you probably thought I wasn't going to do anything this year didn't you?

Oct 8:
Well, It's been over six months since I last posted on this site. Most of the reason for this is simply based on the cycle of the average Ti programmer in the community. The usual cycle of a programmer, From getting interested into programming calculators to getting away from the community is roughly 5 years. To say that I've lasted longer than the average, not to mention that I moved on from Programming Ti calculators is a little of an understatement. This year marks the 10'th year I've been programming Ti calculators. I started with a Ti-81 back in 93, then got an 85 and it took off from there. Honestly, The last time I can remember programming on a calc was sometime last year. Most of my time lately has been devoted to the [SmD] Gaming clan as the admin of our Counter-Strike Server as well as my job at Thiel College. This is not to say I'm through tinkering with calculators just yet. I'm still interested to releasing something eventually. whether it be a game, an engine, or whatever. It just might take a little longer, that's all.

Apr 1:
I updated some of the broken links on the page and Added a rant to the rants page. If your looking for an april fools joke go here. It's still as funny as it was last year.

Jan 14: has reinstated their hosted site ability with what appears to be a new host. This host has FTP so I can finally update the site. The mirror will be updated to match this site in case this one goes down. If you want to go to the Mirror site, click on the Fryed Software Now Button. There could be some changes to the layout of the site now that hosted sites are bandwidth monitored but I doubt that considering that this entire website would fit on a floppy disk with room to spare. If anything, some of the animated projects would have to go, but I would most likely point the whole project site to the mirror if necessary, which doesn't have a bandwidth restriction.

Nov 12: It's been awile since I last updated, Primarialy because of not being able to update my site. I can update the mirror however. I have changed the location of the counter due to the couter host changing the way it displays. Haven't been working on the Slayers Engine much. The 5 day retreat went well and has pretty much laid out how the engine will run, it's just a matter of finding the time and the motivation to start coding it.

Sept 9:
Fryed Software is now mirrored at in case disappears for another month. If you come to this site regulary I suggest you bookmark the mirror.

Jul 22:
It's been awhile since I last updated the news site. Basically, I'm getting some vacation time from work and it's going to coincide with Damon's time off as well. we are currently planning to program during our vacations and get some programs finished. We have 5 days to start getting some progress in finishing these projects so hopefully we'll have something in the form of a Slayers Engine Test Candidate when it's all said and done.

Jun 7:
Added the new rants section to the website. It's basically a place for me to post various things on my mind. you can check it out by clicking the Rants Link.

Jun 6:
Did some Behind the Scenes editing of the site. Now the site is more organized to help me update and control it. It shouldn't be noticeable at all but if you notice any problems with any link please let me know in the message board. I'm also working on a new section of the site called Rants which will basically be a soapbox for me to stand on. Hopefully I'll have it up by tomorrow but I'm not sure.

May 31:
Fryed Software is back online after a few weeks downtime, during that period of time, I found one of my older Ti-85 games, blackjack, in a Qbasic format, which I will reconvert to Ti-85 basic, update it to the latest version I can remember and release it on the website, I also did some modifications to the site under the hood for easier search indexing, and speaking of the site, as of Apr. 4 2002, Fryed Software has been on the Internet for five years! In that period of time, The Fryed Software homepage has gone through 5 revisions and has had 4 different URL's on 3 different servers under 2 domains, came online, Ti-Files, Ti-HQ, and many numerous Ti sites has come and gone, Ti released the Ti-86, Ti-89, Ti-83, Ti-73, Ti-83+ Ti-83 Silver and have announced the Voyage 200, and I graduated from college and have worked for a two different ones. Thank to the 70000+ users that helped this site stay online for as long as it has.

Apr 2:
As probably half of the world figured out by now, Fryed Software did not get acquired by Hays Corporation. In fact, most likely this April's fool's joke has posted a huge bullseye for Hays Corporation and their bull. If you missed it, you can see the April fools jokes here.

Apr. 1:
In an unprecedented move, Hays Corporation has acquired the Ti-Basic programming company Fryed Software. We will be incorporating Fryed Software's technology into future version of our popular Doorways operating systems, as well as future versions of NBA hangtime, Name that Nine, and our upcoming Final Fantasy Adventures. Stay tuned for more updates!

Mar 20: is working again. We've been down for a couple of weeks due to a crash on the server but we're back up now. The site also finally broke 70000 hits. I probably would have broke this sooner if the counter didn't keep resetting to 0 every 9 months but at least I can set it to 70000 the next time it happens. Thanks for your support.

Dec 29:
More Changes to the Slayers Engine. The Object Class was moved down from 10000 to 1000 per class. the reasoning for this is because there has been a change in how the system will tell whether or not you picked up an item in a chest on the game field before or not. currently the gotbox routine handles approximately 2000-2500 items scattered around the place. The only reason it's limited to 2000 is because of a limitation in the string portion or the ti-89. It has a size limit of 32768 size, which limits the amount of stuff on the field. Making the object class numbers smaller increases the usable size by the gotbox routine, and since the new design of the object classes has expandability and modularity in mind, adding more rooms or dialog is as simple as assigning them a new set of 1000 numbers and copying the code from the old dialog or room routine into the new routine set that will handle the new object class.

Dec 22:
E-mail is not working again. I don't know when it will be fixed. So E-mail Has been completely removed from this site. If you need to contact me please use the Message Board.

Dec 17:
Just posting my "I'm Not Dead" news of the season. Work is still taking a ton of time away from the Slayers Engine, but I managed to work on it a little. As it stands the Dialog Box control was completely rewritten. now it is a lot faster between transitions and it is totally modular now, which means that functionality can be added to the system just by adding a task program instead of editing the box control itself. The Walk control was also rewritten to handle an insane amount of rooms. originally the Slayers engine was designed for 100 of a object class An object class could be a room, dialog, equipment, just about anything tangible in the engine. this was expanded to 500 but after talking with Nomad Software, I decided 500 wasn't enough and I decided to move that up to 10000 per class, I also made the object class routine modular as well for expansion. As it stands currently, the Fighting Engine that the Slayers Engine was going to use will not be used in Legend of Landel. The Slayers Fighting Engine spec was originally a counter based engine, however, much of the way the Fighting Engine worked was derived on how most Fights in the Slayers Anime occurred. For those of you who have never seen The Slayers Anime, Either Pray that Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings insanity talks Toonami into broadcasting a "Made for US TV" (IE: First Season DBZ) version of it (Not likely. Lodoss War looks like their Magic Anime Choice.), or watch Dragon ball Z. DBZ is the closest thing to how the engine was supposed to work, especially when they are power struggling. Anyway, after talking to Nomad Software, we decided that a more traditional RPG that is similar to Mystic Legend would be more appropriate for LOL, Especially since LOL is basically Mystic Legend 2.

Sept 28:
Just decided to update to tell you whats going on. I recently got a new job which is currently taking a lot of time off of working on the Slayers Engine. Im also trying to meet with Hiryu from Nomad Software in order to finalize the Variable list and the style of the Fighting engine Legend of Landel will use, but he and I are having problems finding a day off we can meet together. Much of the graphics for Landel are done. I may tweak parts of the box control to be faster, more modular and more adaptave and upgradable, but I haven't started converting the code over.

July 10:
As of today, the old location of this web site on YSU's server no longer exists. When I Graduated, the account was supposed to be terminated after the spring quarter, but it stayed up until today. If you have a link to my page on your page, please change your webpage link to point to instead of the old YSU url if you haven't done so already.

June 17:
I finally updated my webpage to something a little different than the old page. It still has a majority of the old page look to it, but the old frames are now gone and are replaced with the link bar at the top of the screen. I also removed the E-mail link because I want more people to use the board and it pointed to the FAQ anyway. If you like the new look or like the old one better, leave a message in the message board and let me know about it.

May 8:
E-mail Was down again. This time it was my Service Provider. Because of this, I ask that you please use the Message board instead of the E-mail address for the Majority of questions you may want to ask me. I cannot guarantee that I will respond to your E-mail, Especially since my new system is averaging a complete reinstall every three to four days. I think I got a stable OS build on my machine now but only time will tell.

Mar 16: E-mail has been down for who knows how long. The Last E-mail I received from the E-mail address was March 24. If You sent an E-mail and got a reply stating that the user does not exist then it should work now.

Mar 21:
I'm Going on my (Practically) annual Trip To Hershey to watch KCHS try to win a Fourth State Championship in a row, So I wont be able to Respond to the Message board or E-mail until at least Sunday. Basically it's going to be the same way it's been since January so the site should be ok :)

Feb 11:
Got out of bed from being sick this entire week to update the Link Buttons on the site. Ti-files is Officially Dead as far as I'm concerned so it was removed as well as the Netscape and IE Logos because Netscape is Dead and IE already has enough downloads. I also added a new icon for the new design.

Jan 29:
My old E-mail address ( will no longer work as of today. Using it will most likely give you an error. Please use the New E-mail address listed on this page if you need to contact me via E-mail.

Jan 27:
Got bored and decided to make This Page. Basicially it shows why Legend of Landel is taking so long.

Jan 18:
Just adding the Usual "I'm Still alive" addition to the news. Currently Landel is going ahead as planned. Over the weekend I'm planning to have a meeting with Damon to discuss how the fighting engine should perform for Landel. From there I will start coding the engine and post a screenshot of it in action as soon as it's done. Most of the Graphic parts of the fighting engine are done already because it will use the text box control to manipulate the majority of the graphics. Also what will be discussed is what statistics will be needed for each character and how they will be changed by weapons and the like. Also up for debate is how much weapons, armor and items should be made for Landel. Currently the Slayers Engine supports 500 Weapons, 500 items, 500 chest armors and 500 leg armors for a total of 2000 possible items and up to 125 million different possible combintions of armor and weapons for a character.

Dec 8:
If you E-mailed Me between December 5th and Today, Please resend your E-mail to me. I lost all the E-mail over the last three days due to a mistake at work regarding my E-mail account. I did read them, but I dont have the E-mail addresses to reply to the E-mails so I need them resent so that I can reply to them. Sorry for the inconvience.

Dec 2:
Just proving that I'm not dead yet. Basically what's going on is that I'm focusing most of my free time in graduating from YSU, so Slayers Engine Development has slowed down a little, but will speed up relatively fast once school and all is out of the way. Currently Legend of Landel, The first game that will utilize the Slayers Engine since it's conception almost two years ago, is on schedule for a release soon. Possibly within the next 6 months. most of the code is done but the key parts of the game, such as the fighting and buy and sell controls haven't been implemented yet. The size target currently is around 300k but it's possible to be even larger. Most of this size is the fighting and storyline graphics. Just to make a comparison, I don't think even the proposed FF7 Directors Edition (with it's 6 pages of storyline Vs FF7's condensed 1 Page of Storyline) would have even broke 100k using the Slayers Engine.

Oct 22: Updated the Faq. Now it has the new color cow cartoon instead of the old black and white one.

Oct 6:
Added some more animated screen shots of the Slayers Engine in the Projects Page. These ones show off the Animation Engine as well as the Inventory menu system.

Oct 5: changed their Hosted site location which affected this site for a couple days. It has been fixed and the webpage is back online. if you find that something isn't correct on the site then please E-mail me.

Sept 24:
Got bored today and it got so bad that I actually made a program that I've been wanting to do ever since the wacky fun random number generator thing on I Finally Released Final Fantasy Quadratic Solver for the Ti-89. If you got FF7 and a Save game, give it a shot. I Also noticed that the page got 60000 hits. Thanks for all the support!

Sept 10:
Added three new links to the link buttons. Ti-Fr, Ti-Galaxy and Twilight-Ti are the newest members to the links. Check them out when you get a chance.

Sept 6:
Tinews is back online after being down for a week. apparently Ti will let the site online even though they still do not have their trademark licence yet. more can be found on their site, which you can access though their link button on the main page.

Sept 4:
Found out that the 89 version of FF7 that was on this site was version 1.3. Version 1.4 is now on this site. most likely it got mixed up with all the crashes and all. That appears to be the only wrong file but if you see any more please E-mail me.

Aug 31:
Tinews is down, due to some legal threats from Ti. I can understand TI for making threats due to the Emulator ROM's Being on the site but not for the domain name. If you want to support them just click on their link on the homepage and fill out their petition. As for the Slayers Engine, It is developing slowly but it is still on track. The first game to use it will most likely be Legend of Landel. Pictures will soon be up as soon as Hiryu's site gets back online.

July 11:
E-mail is finally working again. If you sent an E-mail to the address between the Crash and now and you didn't get a response, it's because I probably didn't get the E-mail. Please Resend it or post the question in the message board.

July 10:
Forgot that the E-mail is down and is sucking up every e-mail sent to my address. If you sent an E-mail to the E-mail address, please resend the message to the message board.

July 6: New Month, New Crash. Didn't lose anything again.. I just hope that this new server is much more stable than the last considering that it went down after every two months.

June 18:
Updated the FAQ with information on using any of Fryed's Software's code as well as the explanation for the two FF7 version files for the 89 on the net phenomenon. I also removed the TBQA logo due to the site being down and replaced it with the Sluggy Freelance button. As far as I can tell the TBQA is no more, I haven't got an E-mail from them in months and it seems that all the Ti-basic collaboration projects are now over. At least the Ti-Basic Webring is still standing.

June 8:
Updated the Link buttons to show the page Logo's for the newer page styles. It's about Time I Updated those things.

May 29:
E-mail is finally working again. If you sent an E-mail to the address between the Crash and now and you didn't get a response, it's because I probably didn't get the E-mail. Please Resend it or post the question in the message board.

May 15:
The site is back online after a few days down. The cause of this downtime was due to's server having a hard drive crash. Hopefully they will be back online shortly. Thankfully I keep this page backed up on my system as well as on disk just in case something like this happened, so nothing on this site should be missing or corrupted, but if you find something that is leave a message in the message board. Also, use the message board for any message you may need so send me. This is due in part of the E-mail system is still down at this moment and I wont be able to receive them.

Apr 1:
I've been getting a ton of E-mails lately from people who Believe that The Slayers Engine is a Ti-basic Control program. In Fact, its a very elaborate ASM program for Manipulating Graphics. This Engine will be incorporated into Fryed Software's and Nomad's Software's First ASM Game, Legends of Landel. It's been in two to three years in development and it's almost complete. There should be a working Demo of the Program soon on this site. Check the Projects page Frequently for updates on the Project.

Mar 26:
Finally got a new picture shot of the Walk control. This on has support for overlays, which makes the character blend a lot better with the room pictures. Thanks goes out to exec666 for the design idea.

Mar 12:
Fryed Software is back after over a month of being down. All of the Ti-basic Webring pictures should work now, and there will be a check on the webring soon to see if all the sites are compliant. As for any projects and such, The Slayers Engine is still being developed, and some updates will be posted as soon as the server is stable once again.

Feb 9:
Final Fantasy VII, Cloud's Quest has won Third place in the Ti-Millennium Awards! Thanks to Everyone who voted for it in the Millennium awards. Fryed Software wouldn't be around this long if it wasn't for all the users of all of our software. Thanks again for all of your support. I also added Ti-News to my list of link sites and removed the sound from the webpage due to the loading time going through the roof. If you have any comments on today's news, feel free to post it in the board.

Jan 15:
Got a working version of the Walking Engine done for the Slayers Engine, You can see it in action in the Projects Page.

Jan 10:
Did some minor changes to the webpage. If you have Internet Explorer you should be hearing one of the changes. The other change is the crappy slogan in the title bar. Post your opinons on the change on the message Board.

Jan 1:
Happy New millennium! I updated the Projects to reflect the inevitable. Punisher X-Treme's Development has again been put on hold. this time it may be for good. Right now, I'm focusing on development of the Slayers Engine for a yet unknown game. it may be used in Legend of Landel, or it may be used in a completely new game. As for any sort of millennium celebration. and Dimension-Ti (My Host server) are celebrating the millennium with the the Millennium Awards. If you have a account, and you enjoy gaming on your calculator, I suggest you check it out and nominate who should be the best program or programmer of the last century.

Dec 30:
Got an E-mail that had a port of the Punisher RPG for the Ti-89 from Dan Sandstrom. He did such a good job on it that I decided to but the program port on my site. It's now in the Ti-89 section. I also updated all the URL's in all the files so you dont have to go to the old site location to get here.

Dec 27:
Well I'm Back from my vacation and finally got the Ti-basic webring back. now you should be able to submit entries with no problems. I never did find out what happened but it's back none the less. I'm probably going to give it's once a month checkout sometime this week.

Dec 22:
I'm going on vacation until at least Sunday. I'm going to try to keep up with any e-mails I receive as best as I can. As for the webring. Their sending me FAQ E-mails so It's still screwed. If anything changes on the webring front (which I doubt), I'll update the site.

Dec 18:
As of 12/18/99, the Ti-basic Webring has been unofficially compromised by either the webring system itself or by a hacker. I have lost all control of the webring. I have E-mailed of this matter but have yet to receive a response. I believe that the webring has been deleted and as a result the ring will slowly vanish from the webring system. Keep in mind that this is not official yet. The webring still works, and there is a possibility of the webring still being salvaged. I have got all the data that I can get on the Webring site list and E-mail list and have stored them. if the worst does occur, I will make another webring based on the old site list. this may involve a code update if I cannot get the old site ID. The webring site will also close for now until this situation is resolved.

Dec 10:
I just downloaded and installed Flash Version 2.03 on my Ti-89. As expected, all of my programs seem to be running correctly so far, but I Haven't tested them thoroughly yet. I just tested for things that would be obvious and it worked exactly like the older flash versions did. Of course, also as expected, if you like playing or programming ASM games then you just got screwed. And people wonder why I still Program in Basic.

Dec 4:
By now your probably wondering what's going on at this site. Primarily, school projects are taking too much time for me to work on any game projects, So Fryed software is going to be somewhat Idle until this time next week. It's been practically Idle for almost a month so it's not much of a difference. As for Punisher X-treme. it will most likely get put on hold for the forth time. What occurs after that is I either focus the Slayers Engine on Legend of Landel, do what the engine was designed for and make a game based on the Second Season of Slayers (Slayers Next), or start with a completely different game similar to Pokemon with anime characters as the monsters. Voice your Opinion on the message board. It's nice to see it used at least monthly ;)

Nov 13:
Kirk Meyer has Released his Animated Screenshot utility for the Virtual Ti, so its given me an opportunity to show you first hand what the Slayers Engine can do. Virtual Ti 2.5 was set to the calculator's actual speed and not set to full speed for these shots. Also, the demos programs seem to run on the calculator slightly faster than they do on the emulator, but not by much. Anyways you can see them in the projects page where the old animated screenshots were.

Nov 7:
Just posting another news item to prove I'm not dead yet. Have been working mainly on the storyline parts of the Slayers Engine. Namely adding Enlargement, single and duel picture manipulation, Grayscale, a Box similar to how the Menu's work but without getkey routines, and much more. I broke 50000 hits which I thank everybody for. It's not everyday that a Basic Programmer breaks this many hits, so Thanks for all the support. Me and Nomad Software are still debating whether to continue Punisher X-Treme, Simply because of all the Shooting stuff going on, and at this time, I'm leaning towards using the engine towards Nomad's Software's Legend of Landel. New Screenshots of Landel can be found Here.

Oct 17:
Posted another Question in the Message Board. This one has to do with the Punisher X-treme Project and whether is should continue. Please post your opinion on the site message board after reading the message.

Oct 12:
For those of you wondering what's going on, Most of Punisher X-Treme's Development is currently going to the Storyline and the 100+ rooms that have to be drawn. You don't really know how big your high school was until you start drawing it room by room. And yes, You will be able to travel through the entire school freely, so that means if you play this game ritually, you should be able to walk into the school and know exactly where your going with no problem.

Sept 11:
Hiryu and me want to know what you want in punisher X-Treme considering that you are most likely going to play it. Go to the Board and check out the messages Me and Hiryu put in it and post your thoughts on the game.

Sept 4:
I posted a Question (more like Rant) in my message board about Icons. If you have ever used Icons (any version) in the past I ask you to please respond to the question in the message board.

Aug 28:
Update Icons for both platforms. This version fixes many bugs, and adds recovery if an Icon name is invalid or missing by automatically using the folder icon.

Aug 25:
Sorry to say this, but I have put the webpage in FAQ mode again. this means that any E-mail link you find on this site will bring you to my FAQ page. Apparently, no one is reading it considering that I'm getting about 20 text file requests per day now.

Aug 22:
Joined the Ti-Basic Quality Assurance. It's about time that a Ti-basic Programming Group rose up that believes in similar quality standards that I have for the last two years. Also, Dimension-TI has done some structure changes and it screwed up the Icons Information page. It's Fixed and now you can access it through the button bar by clicking the Icons button.

Aug 21:
Updated the animated picture for Punisher X-Treme. Now it has the character faces in the storyline instead of the folder picture. Not much of an Update, but it does show off what it will look like in storyline mode.

Aug 14:
If you haven't noticed yet, Fryed Software has move to Why? My main reason was that was slow or unresponsive half the time and after I graduate the account would disappear. Also it makes a perfect place to post the New Ti-Basic webring pages, and has some great features that come with an account as well. This is not even counting all the recognition that is given on Dimension-Ti. Definitely worth the host change.

Aug 8:
Added Even More Punisher X-Treme pictures. These ones are animated and show some of the Slayers Engine Controls in action.

Aug 7:
Added More Punisher X-Treme pictures to drool at on the Projects Page. If you think this game is going in the right or wrong direction, post a comment in the Message board. That's what I got it for. My goal for Punisher X-Treme is to make the best basic (If not the best period) game to ever grace the Ti-89, and getting absolutely no response from possible players of the game is not a good sign.

Aug 1:
After Me and Damon debated whether The Punisher X-Treme Project will continue, We have decided once again to start active work on this project. More pictures of the game can be found in the Project page. Keep in mind that this game is still on shaky ground when it comes to finishing this project due to it's Controversial Type of storyline. Like I said before. I personally don't feel like having the FBI or Mike Wallace knocking on my door wanting to ask a few questions about what they saw on the Internet, but of course in this day and age, when mind crazed, trenchcoat wearing, gun toting, bomb making, morally void, teenage Nazi worshippers go on a killing spree for no apparent reason, they point the finger at people like Marylin Manson, John Carmack and Leo DiCapario.

July 17:
If you haven't noticed yet, there is a new link called board on the homepage. This is the new Fryed Software Message Board. In the past, I've been very reluctant to use anything that involves having web surfers submit anything they have to say in a message board or a guestbook, but after seeing all the success and constructive criticism that has occurred from similar systems, (namely I've decided to give this message board a shot. Feel free to submit your questions, comments, or suggestions to this board.

July 13: Not many updates in the last month. I've Been to busy with work and all. But I do have something new for the page. If you tried using Icons and had no idea how it worked, this is for you. It's a Interactive Help system for Icons. It walks you through everything you need to know about Icons. You can find it in the New Icons Info links right next to the Icons programs. As for other updates, Punisher X-Treme will most likely stay on hold, possibly permanently, due to psychotic idiots and overall media insanity. A new project will come up using the Slayers Engine components that were supposed to be used in Punisher X-Treme. It might Be a Slayers game or it might be something completely different. Also Another Icons version will be out soon that will fix some minor problems.

May 26:
Updated FF7 for the Ti-89. This includes a host of new features and bugfixes. I finally got some time to finish it with my College Schedule, Upcoming Finals, OS Crashes and all the like.

May 6: Due to the fact that some people do not grasp the difference between reality and fiction, and that they must emulate everything they see or hear on TV, as well as not being able to get in touch with Damon D'ambrosi due to him moving to Georgia, Punisher X-Treme has been put on hold yet again. I personally don't feel like having the FBI or Mike Wallace knocking on my door wanting to ask a few questions about what they saw on the Internet. Personally, I hoped that people would at least be smart enough to watch TV, Movies, and Video Games and not go around emulating exactly what they see or hear like a bunch of brain dead zombies. Apparently, I was wrong, Because in the area I live in right now we're averaging about 1 hit list per school, per day and 1 school bomb threat per school, per week.

April 20:
A lot of things has happened today. The info pages for Punisher and The Stickman Collection have been removed due to lack of interest. Also, the Comic book site has also been removed from Nomad software's site by request. This request will not affect the release date of Punisher X-Treme, however It will now be called Punisher X-Treme and will most likely have different names instead of the standard teacher names (I've already have planned for this anyway). Because of the development that has already occurred on the layout of the school, it will have to be the same layout as the actual school. Also, For some strange reason, I'm putting My E-mail address where it belongs. How long it will stay there is anybody's guess.

April 17: Added information about the menu system in Punisher X-Treme in the Projects section. I also Broke 40000 hits. Thanks again for all of the support!

Mar 24:
I'm going on a trip until at least Sunday. In that period of time, I should get over 40000 hits. Thanks for all the support! (sound familiar from last year?)

Mar 22:
Added more information and pictures to Punisher X-treme in the Projects page, also added some information about a possible Ti-86 version. Read the Projects page for details.

Mar 7:'s Wake up call has arrived. According to their site, Bryan Rabeler has left the staff. Why do you ask do I call this a wake up call? Simply because I feel that his overall presence was negative to the Ti community as well as being a major ass. He Did hack the Ti-Files site and he did take over IRC Channels. I don't give a damn what the circumstances were or what prompted it, All I care about is that he did it. In my mind, If he was on my site staff, he would have been gone a long time ago. Don't get me wrong here. I want to get it straight that I have nothing against Bryan Rabeler the man, But I do have a problem with his actions. I don't feel that anyone that had such power in the Ti community should act like he did, Especially to Fellow Ti Community Members. I'm Frankly sick of all this In-Fighting that occurs in the Ti community and I hope that this in the long run causes more collaboration than competition. I do feel that Rabeler was a catalyst to the Ticalc Vs Ti-files debate and overall caused problems, But I also believe that overall he did a lot for and made the site a better site than the rest. I personally believe that his ego got the best of him in the end when it came to the Competition, and the only way he could handle it was to belittle/destroy the other sites.

Feb 21:
Well, it's been a month since I last updated the site, so I thought it was time to add something to the Projects page. Added Punisher X-Treme to the Projects page. Maybe this time I can actually finish it.

Jan 21:
Updated the FAQ and fixed the Dimension Ti Link. Hopefully, this time, they'll keep the Domain name they have.

Jan 15:
Removed Mystic Legend 92 and replaced it with Slayers 2. Yay!

Jan 13:
Added a new section called Helpful Tips to the Icons Page and added the first entry to it. If you want to submit your Ideas to make Icons even easier to the Masses, E-mail me, and I'll add it to the list.

Jan 11:
I sent this to on 1/7/99 regarding their lack of Ti-92 basic updates and overall falling down of their file submission system...

"I have a new version of Icons for the Ti-92, However, the older version, Which was submitted a month ago, is still in the testing directory, so I cant send the new version. I also noticed that the archive submission form is filled with programs that were sent in the incoming folder at least 4 months ago. Can you please update the Ti-92 basic archives and clean out the submission form so it's not such a hunt to find the file that was submitted. Thanks in advance"

This is what I got in response...

"Both icons for the 89 and 92 were deleted from the pending directory. You may not upload the latest versions."

So As of right now. The Ti-Files will get all of my updates. All of my programs, Including Icons, are so far still on their site, However, They will not be updated unless of course they go get them off of the Ti-Files. I personally don't feel that my comments warrant this sort of treatment, especially when it is the truth, But it's expected from that particular group of admin.'s. If you think the Ti-Files is some fly-by-night operation that came in just to take over's dominance, Good! Because needs a wake up call! At Least I can say that there's one site out there that cares about their users and doesn't tell them off every chance they get.

Jan 7:
Updated Icons for Both platforms. This fixed some problems with the error control system and fixed the alpha key problem on the Ti-89. Special Thanks goes to Mark Karasek for the Alpha Key Fix. Also. We've been getting a ton of reports that FF7 Users are getting "Invalid for the current mode settings" Errors when they try to play FF7. This is caused by having the graph setting set to 3D in the mode setting box. If you set it to function, hopefully It will work correctly. Right now, however, I'm not going to release a new version on both platforms to fix this because I am going to go through the game once again and check for other errors, Especially on the Ti-89. I've noticed a lot of cosmetic errors in that particular port and I want to make sure the next release gets all of the bugs.

Dec 12:
Updated the FAQ with information on how to submit a bug report. I also have decided that if I feel that the FAQ covers an E-Mail that is sent to me, I will not reply to it. It saves me the time to copy and paste the FAQ onto the e-mail and the bandwidth of sending the thing through the Internet.

Dec 7:
As you have probably noticed already, the Fryed Software Homepage has taken on a new look, this time with frames. Also, I have completely abandoned Netscape for any work on this page, Simply because I feel that Netscape cannot make a superior product to Internet Explorer and that they have had more than their fair share to do it, Especially now since their source code is online for everyone and their uncle to debug. I am not using Frontpage to edit the page, like I said before, But I'm using Symantec Visual Page and I think it does a better job than both editors, Considering that I made the entire site from scratch in under 3 hours without any freehand HTML coding.

Dec 3:, the System that I use for my easier Internet address has announced that they will stop doing this service. If you use the address to access this page, Please update all of your bookmarks and links so that it goes to the address the old will be up supposedly for a week in order for page administrators to tell their viewers about this change. I may look for a new service in the near future, but as of now, I have no plans to do so.

Nov 26: Updated Icons for the Ti-89 and Ti-92. It now automatically knows if you have a background picture or not. If your also wondering why I Haven't Updated the Page in awhile, it's because Netscape Composer doesn't like It's own rainbow colorize feature anymore and removes all of the spaces from the colorized text. If they release a new version of Netscape Communicator and they don't fix this bug, It's time to go back to Frontpage Express and deleting Netscape from my computer. It's things like not being able to catch simple bugs and introducing new ones that make Internet Explorer more popular than Netscape.

Oct 21: Broke 30000 Hits. Thanks everyone again for all of your support and keep the counter going!

Oct 18: Updated Icons for both platforms. these new versions include Icons Lite, a smaller version of Icons that sacrifices some functionality for 3000 bytes.

Oct 11: Updated FF7 for the 89. This version fixes the possible reason why My calculator crashed during the conversion process of FF7. If you currently play FF7, it is Highly Recommended that you get this version.

Oct 8: Fixed the page with the new Netscape Communicator release and Added the (yet again) New Ti-files button to the page.

Oct 4: Updated FF7 for the Ti-89. This release has no code changes, But it puts FF7 into it's own folder now and has support for Icons as well.

Sept 27: Updated Gorillas for the Ti-92 and Ti-85, and released Gorillas for the Ti-89.

Sept 26: Updated FF7 for the 89. This fixes a syntax error found in the Deathblow system. Special thanks goes to David Boven for the bug report

Sept 25: Updated Icons for the Ti-89. This version adds keyboard shortcut integration to the shell. Now, when you define an Icon, you automatically set it up so that you can use the keypad to execute the program rather than staying in the interface.

Sept 23: Updated FF7 for the Ti-92 and released FF7 for the Ti-89. Now you can finally play something good with your miniature Ti-92. :P

Sept 6: Updated Icons for the Ti-92. Also released Icons 1.0 and the Stickman Collection for the Ti-89.

Sept 5: Fryed Software now supports the Ti-89! I got one last night and have been testing it's capabilities. Basically, if you just went out and spent $120 for a new Ti-86, It's time to take the Ti-86 back and invest $30 more in an Ti-89. It performs exactly like a Ti-92 without the huge screen and keyboard, 2 Parts of the Ti-92 I already miss on the Ti-89. It's 3D Graphing system makes the Ti-92 Sick, and the screen is clearer than the Ti-92's as well. The biggest gripe I have with it is that Ti couldn't have used the small font for the graph screen instead of the standard, larger font. If you already have a Ti-92, Get the Plus Pack, otherwise, go with the Ti-89. I have already ported the Stickman Collection and Icons to the 89, I have a feeling the Punisher is compatible with the 89 but I'm not sure. FF7 and Mystic Legend 92' Will have to wait until a Ti-View program is created to support the 89. Keep coming back to the homepage for more details. I also need to know if Icons will work on a Ti-92+ in it's current format. I have noticed that the Home screen Dialog box absolutely abhorred the Ti-89. The Problem occurred when you tried to solve something. If you typed solve(4x=3,x) in it, it would produce a 140 error, which doesn't happen on the Ti-92. If the code is run separate from Icons, it works fine. the only thing I tried that works was turning it into a local program to Icons, But the 92 doesn't recognize it if I try the same thing on it. I'm hoping that the current Icons Codebase works. If you have a 92+, you are Using Icons, And If you do type the above solve problem and it works without the 140 error, please tell me that it did.

Aug 26: The Punisher comic book is back. This time it's where it belongs, on Damon's 25 meg Geocities account. The full grayscale pictures have been uploaded instead on the 2 color pictures I used to have, and it's a good bet that it's going to stay up for the duration of his Geocities account. If you want to try and understand the Punisher, Here's your chance.

Aug 25: Still doing a ton of link updating. Ti-files, If you are reading this, PLEASE GET A URL AND STICK WITH IT!!. The Same Thing goes for You Dimension-Ti. And Don't give me that address and call it your 'real' address. The only thing that address is supposed to be used for is so that users can easily remember a website URL. If the server happens to be down, that link is useless. As for the Webpage, the look has changed because Netscape Composer 4.06 doesn't like the original design and decided to add a ton of spaces between the tables and the text, so there is no space there now. Altogether, I think I'm having a great day today :P.

Aug 23: Updated the Current Project Information Page. It now has information and screenshots of the upcoming Slayers Game that Me and Damon are planning to release.

Aug 8: Added the Official Ti Page to the Links. I figured that should be there considering that new calculator releases will be announced there first. I also added my 'Made With Microsoft' Button back to the homepage. Save it to your Hard Disk and use it for your home page if you use a Microsoft Operating System to create your site.

July 26: Updated the Dimension Ti Link (again). Now it should work right. If your wondering what's Going on With FF7 Directors Edition, Go to the Current Project Information Page.

July 13 The Fryed Software Homepage has Received over 25000 hits! Thanks everyone for all of your support and keep the counter going! :)

July 6: Added Current Game Engine Information to the Current Project information page. This feature describes the Features and Capabilities of the Various Engines I use for some of my games. I also added Mystic Legend 92' and the controversial nPo Vs Hays Game Co. to the Homepage. Have Fun!!

July 1: Updated the Link for Dimension-Ti again. Since this Page and the Ti-Files Decide to Move Around Like Crazy, I have Reluctantly Decided to use the addresses in the links. It makes the Links less stable because of, But it keeps me from having to update them every five minutes. I have also changed the Beta And Demo Page into the Current Project Information page. Since I never used it for it's intended purpose, I decided to Change it into a more useful feature.

June 21: I have decided to remove the Ti Calculator Webring from my page. the Image maps were causing major conflicts with the new page design and some browsers and was causing errors that were confirmed in Website Garage, not to mention that there are some pages in it that don't even have code on their page or do not exist. I may be a little critical of this ring simply because I co-run the Ti-Basic Webring and would never let these things happen and I understand that there are over 100 members in it, but at least use the Test pages thing that is built into once a month and delete the Non webring code pages.

June 15: Updated the Ti-Philes Link again. Apparently, the old link was a temporary one. This one should work awhile longer.

June 13: Dimension-Ti has moved to a new address, the update has been reflected in the links. The Ti-Philes server is still down, so there might be a possibility of that page being down once again.

June 12: The Ti-Philes Page is back at a new address, so I put the button back. This link did not work at the time I updated it, but is was working earlier.

May 31: I temporally removed the Ti-philes button because of their extended server downtime. If It comes back online, So will the button. In it's place I inserted a 'Made with Microsoft' button of my own design. It kinda makes me sick when I see all these 'Made with Macintosh' buttons because the Operating System that you use makes no difference when making a web page. I just made this in my spare time just to make it fair to the Dos and Windows users. Feel free to use it on your page if you wish.

May 27: I have updated the look of the page to a more graphical look. It's a good bet that most older browsers will hate it, but progress is progress. E-mail me if you have problems with the new design.

May 4: Updated FF7 for the Ti-92. This version corrects some bugs found in the fighting engine. Special Thanks goes to Sylvain Bouillon for the bug report. I also decided to try the spell checker again. Now even more of my stupid spelling errors are hopefully fixed.

April 14: The Penn State Lab Club ring has died, so I removed it from the homepage.

April 5: I know it's a day late, but the Fryed Software homepage is one year old! After a huge game release, over 20000 hits and two major page changes, this page still survives as the one of the only all ti-basic program selection on the Internet. to celebrate, I have decided to put the punisher comic book back on the page. this time you don't have to hunt for it.

April 2: If you haven't figured it out yet, the bottom was an april fools joke. There was never a copy of ASM FF7 (At least it wasn't made by me), I still left misspellings in the FAQ, and my pig already knew how to fly so I didn't have to teach it how!

April 1: Completely finished FF7 for Ti-83,Ti-86 and Ti-92 ASM, but lost all versions due to a disk and calculator failure. This has completely discouraged me from making any more ASM games in the upcoming future. I also got bored and changed the look of some of the links, fixed some mispelings in the FAQ, and taught my pig, Stu, how to fly.

Mar 29: Updated the pictures for the link buttons. Now all of the buttons should match their page counterpart.

Mar 26: Sound card owners can rejoice! The Evil midi's from hell have been removed from my pages! For you owners without sound card's, you can rejoice too because you don't have to click on the millions of error boxes that come up when you access this page.

Mar 18: I'm going on a trip until at least friday. In that period of time, I should get over 20000 hits. Thanks for all the support!

Mar 13: Changed the look of the homepage. Now the pictures are not oversized as they previously were. I also updated the FAQ, which announces a possible FF7 port to another calculator!

Mar 1: I have updated the FAQ and have done some minor changes to the homepage.

Feb 22: I decided to change the homepage around. Now it has programs separated into three small tables instead of the original one big table.

Feb 17: Updated the Icon Editor for Icons. This version adds matrix support so you can have programs create pictures using the newpic command.

Feb 5: Updated NBAJam for the 85. this fixes a bug in the opponent routing that could cause errors. I got a E-mail about a week ago that said that NBAJam was translated from the Ti-85 to the Ti-83. I sent an E-mail back requesting the port, but never got a response. So I decided to port the program over to the Ti-83 myself. It's now available for download on the homepage. I also have some information on the newest game I'm working on. You can find it at the beta and demo page.

Jan 26: Updated the Icon Editor for Icons. This new version is smaller than the old one and is faster at saving the pictures.

Jan 18: I decided to update Icons again. Version 5.4 has a minor change to the desktop. now Icons Supports 16x16 size icons. Icons 5.4 also includes the new Icon editor for Icons. This little utility helps you create icons for your Icons GUI

Jan 16: Updated the FAQ and removed Nukeware from the Link buttons. It's been down for a month and that's enough for me.

Jan 14: Updated Icons for the Ti-92. This version improves on the Icons home screen as well as some other various graphical enhancements

Jan 1: I decided to get an easier to remember address from The new address in now The old address will still work if you still want to use it. I also made some navigational improvements to the homepage. Now you can just click on a link that directs you to the calculator area of your choice.

Dec 31: Happy new year! Well I got bored today so I translated three of my Ti-85 games for the Ti-83. All three games are new and they might have bugs in them, so they might be updated frequently.

Dec 30: After the new page disappeared and the old page was never updated in over a month, Ti-HQ has been declared officially dead. The Creator and head editor has confirmed it on the main page. I have deleted the link on my homepage.

Dec 29: I updated Gorillas for the 85. this new version is a lot faster and is smaller than the previous version. The only real drawback is that the bomb is a lot smaller than the previous version, but it's almost three times as fast as the old version.

Dec 22: I have found numerous bugs in FF7 and have released a new version. Version 1.1 fixes some display problems, storyline misconceptions and resolves a problem with loading a game while playing one. Just download the new version and follow the instructions on how to upgrade to version 1.1.

Dec 16: A problem was found in the Icons zip file. Somehow the Midi files that I use for my pages got into the zip file for Icons. I use winzip and I may have dragged them there by accident. There is no need to get the new zip file if you have Icons 5.2 but it you were having problems understanding why the Midi's from hell were there, now you know.

Dec 13: The campaign against frames has died, so I reorganized the button bar again.

Dec 8: As you already know by now, Final Fantasy VII Cloud's Quest has been released! If you enjoy the game, Please vote us in the top ten of all of the pages in my link section and prove to the world that Ti-basic can still be used to make great games!

Dec 4: I have updated the FF7 pictures on the Beta and Demo Page. All of the pictures now reflect what the beta looks like. FF7 Will be released hopefully within the next two weeks. Check the Main page often. You'll know when it is released.

Nov 25: Damon D'ambrosi has made another webring, this time it's Ti-related. The Ti-basic webring is now supported by this site. If you program any Ti-basic and have a page up for it, Join the webring now. This site now has four webrings, three of which are Ti related. Check them all out and join them if you have something to share on the net.

Nov 21: I have joined another ring, this one, however has nothing to do with Ti's. The Penn State lab club started out as a joke against the system administrator. Now it has blown up into a full blown webring! Click Next on it as well as the other webrings I have. Make me a webring traffic god while visiting other sites on the net! Speaking of webpage traffic, my page has received over 10000 hits! I thank everyone who has visited this page, and I hope you keep returning to it. Thanks for all your support!

Nov 19: Updated the links again, this time, I returned the old link bar I used to have and put the Nukeware logo back on the page. It's finally back online, but it's still not updated. In other news, Final Fantasy VII is almost complete. All that is needed to be done now is to add the magic routines to the fight engine and finish off the moves for the bosses. We're expecting to release it as soon as we get all of the bugs and settings corrected.

Nov 17: Updated my link buttons, notice the lack of the Nukeware button in the update. I have decided that Nukeware is history. if it takes over two months to move a server to a new location, either there is something wrong or the person isn't committed to spending the money to keep the domain name or update the page. If the page does come back, so will the button, but for right now there's no use to keeping a bad link on the homepage.

Nov 11: The Punisher Comic Book is history. After being up for almost 30 days, I decided I needed the space more than the online comic book and took it offline. I might put it back up eventually but I have no set date to do so. I am also separating the link buttons from my own page buttons in order to clean out the bad links from the good.

Nov 5: Updated the links to reflect some page address changes. I may also remove the Nukeware button. It seems that the page is moving but I never heard of a webpage taking over two months to make a move.

Oct 30: Added even more pictures of Final Fantasy VII to the beta and demo page.

Oct 23: Added more pictures of Final Fantasy VII in the beta and demo page. Just for you Punisher fans out there, we are making up parts of the storyline at this time. Still no code has been written but we might start writing it soon.

Oct 19: The entire site has survived the complete system upgrade at YSU except for one thing, the counter. When the page graphics were changed, the counter somehow was taken off of the webpage and the number 6219 was put on it. It should work now. The page should be a lot faster now that the overall speed and bandwidth of the system is increased.

Oct 16: The Ti Graphic Calculator Webring has changed for the better. I have added the changes to the homepage.

Oct 15: After much thought, I have decided to put the complete Punisher comic book on this page! There's only one catch. Its not going to be here long (30 days tops) and you are going to have to find the link somewhere on my site. Its not hard to find (actually, its obvious. Just look for something new.) but it is worth searching for it. I also added Dimension-Ti, yet another all Ti site, to the link button section of the homepage.

Oct 13: Added more buttons to the button collection of the homepage.

Oct 11: Added more previews of Final Fantasy VII, and fixed some of the graphic problems associated with the homepage. YSU has also moved up the date of the updating from October 12 to October 17-19. During the upgrade, It might be possible to access this site, but it will be slow and probably not come up at all.

Oct 9: I did major revisions to all of the pages, Added a navigation bar to the homepage, separated the FAQ and the Demo page, and added the little reminder about not asking for text files to the homepage. I also noticed that the page has received over 5000 hits. Keep the counter moving! In other news, the Unix1 system at YSU will be upgraded Oct 12 so it's a good bet that this page will be inaccessible during the next weekend.

Oct 7: Added Punisher Extreme to the Beta and Demo page. I figured it's about time I put it there. Don't expect it to come out soon because I am devoting all project time to Final Fantasy VII right now.

Oct 5: I added a link on the beta and demo page that goes to Ti-next, the beta and demo equivalent to Hiryu's Ti games. On it, you will find some more screenshots and information about the development of Final Fantasy VII for the Ti-92.

Sept 27: Added Final Fantasy VII to the beta and demo page. It's not developed enough for a beta release (About 20-30% complete) but when it is, the beta will be available for download on the beta page.

Sept 24: I updated some of the animated gif's that were screwed up when viewed by older versions of Netscape and added them to the homepage.

Sept 22: Damon D'ambrosi, creator of the Punisher comic book as well as many other comic books and RPG's, has made a Ti page for his current RPG's. You can find the link at the bottom of the homepage with the other link buttons. If you're an RPG fanatic, this is the place to go!

Sept 20: I Noticed that the page has received over 2000 hits. In about a month's time, this page received the same amount of hits the first four months had. Thanks again for all your support and keep the counter moving!

Sept 16: Added The Ti-HQ and AOL Sucks to the links area. Just click on the buttons. I also updated all of the pictures found in the homepage. They are now all much smaller that they used to be so the page should load faster than it did before. If you have problems getting Punisher IV to fight correctly, go to the Info page for the game, and look under the tips section to hopefully solve the problem you are having.

Sept 15: Run for your lives! The Midi's from Hell have returned! So as a warning, before you destroy your multimedia speakers or invest in some really good earplugs, I suggest you click on the stop button on the bottom of the pages before brain damage takes effect (Hey! it could be worse. I could set it up so you couldn't shut them off!). Also, if you're one of those psycho people that for some reason likes these midi's, you can download them by right clicking on the player and select "save as"

Sept 10: Fixed program errors with the stickman collection. More information can be found in The Stickman collection Info Page. Also Added a FAQ area in the Demo and Beta Page.

Sept 4: Made the New Beta and Demo page and added Wingray, the first Ti-basic Grayscale Program to the Page.

Aug 21: As you may have already noticed, The homepage has received over 1000 hits. I just thought I should thank all the people who helped me achieve this many hits so far...

Aug 19: I finally found an animated Netscape Now button that matches Communicator 4.02 and added it to the page.

Aug 17: After severe thunderstorms plowed through the Shenango Valley, Tornadoes touching down all over the place, and lightning striking my backyard scaring me, my parents, and my cat not once but twice, It compelled me to finish Lightning for the 83. This has just been made and I didn't find any bugs yet, but if I do, I will update the file.

Aug 5: During the last two days, I did some testing of Icons 5.1 and found a rather embedded and inconclusive bug. It seems if certain programs change folders, stop execution, and don't change back to the main folder, Icons Completely crashes until you change the folder back to main. I added one line of code to ensure that Icons always returns to the main folder and have released it as 5.2. This has some fallbacks if you install icons in it's own separate folder but in the long run, it makes Icons more stable. If you use programs that inhabit their own folder, it is Highly recommended to get the updated Icons version.

Aug 3: I Updated Icons again. Now it's 5.1. it has some minor bug fixes and adds some more features to the error control system. Expect to see the file (hopefully) updated on the two major sites.

July 28: Well, first there was OS Wars, Then Browser Wars, It was only inevitable that their would be Ti Page wars. Since the Ti Files and are going at each other's throats, I thought that a full description of the two sites was unnecessary and pointless so I made their most recent logos into buttons and added them with the other buttons. I also added Nukeware, Another good Ti site, to the page as well. I also got A Ti-83 yesterday, so expect some translations of the 85 games to the 83 soon. I also joined the Ti8x webring. The Fryed software homepage has now has two of the three major webrings on it's site.

July 13: Changed the look of the buttons on the bottom of the homepage and added the "Campaign Against Frames" button for a better explanation as to why I don't use frames.

July 11: If you downloaded the updated gorillas with Ti-86 compatibility recently, You will have to do it again. There was an error in the updating process and the gorillas file was not updated. The older one does work on the Ti-86, Just not well. It is recommended that you update if you are using an Ti-86.

June 29: Fryed Software now supports the Ti-86! I got one last night and have been testing the older Ti-85 Games on it. The first thing that I noticed was that the speed SUCKS! It executes Ti-basic games at least half as fast as my 85. The other thing I noticed was that the "int" statement will not work unless you put parentheses around the item in which you want to turn into an integer for example, "int 3rand+2" might give you 5 on an Ti-85, But 4.52738426158 on a Ti-86. The only thing to remedy this situation is to do this: "int (3rand+2)" and it will give an integer number. If you're wondering, I silently upgraded all of the 85 programs to support this new integer call for the 86, so if you want to play those games on an 86, it's your call. Some of the other features the 86 has is the long awaited Text( command for displaying text on a graph screen, White lines so you can erase dark areas on the graph, and full ASM support, Possibly also fully compatible with 83 ASM considering that Ti recommends to download the finance ASM program for the 83 to use with your Ti-86.

June 23: I Joined The Ti Calculator Webring. I also found out that this webring was created on my birthday. Maybe that's some kind of lucky sign.

June 16: By now you probably figured out what this news article is about. After hours of debating to myself on what to do to Icons next, I decided that the current engine was too slow to handle a power user's conception of speed, So I changed it. Now Icons V 5.0 is 15 to 20 Times faster than any previous Icons to date. The only big problem with the new engine is that it is incompatible with older icon sets. You will have to convert them for 5.0, But it's not too hard. I also got Paint Shop Pro recently, got bored Sunday, and made an Icons Now button for the homepage, If you want to use it for your page, Be my guest. Just have it link to the homepage and it will do the rest.

June 12: Three days later, I get bored again and retweak Icons. Now it's 4.1. Don't expect me to send this version to the big two pages for a long time (at least a month). Icons 4.0 should be available at, but the Ti-files are still screwing with 83 ASM to give a care. you can probably get Icons 3.0 there. Well, if you're interested in what's new with the new version, check out the icons info page. I also removed the file because it's a pain in the neck to update and it takes forever to download from this server. If you're wondering what punisher Extreme might look like, Go into the Punisher info page and there should be a picture there. This is a preliminary picture though, And at this time, there is no code of the game created yet (unless you consider the Punisher RPG part of the new game)

June 9: After only 8 days of Icons 3.1 for the 92, I have replaced it with Icons 4.0 way ahead of the original date I considered! This version changes the menu interface and adds the new Icon-add system, which adds an install procedure for Icons! I am gong to send this version to, but I am debating about sending it to the Ti-files because all they seem to care about is 83 ASM and nothing else. I also updated all of the Ti-92 files and inserted the files necessary to install under Icons 4.0. if the zip file has insertX.92p and folder.92i and you don't have Icons, You dot need it.

June 1: I updated Icons for the TI-92. This version gives you better system recovery if files become corrupted and improves the graphics of the dialog boxes. I am also sending this updated version to the two major TI pages (Ti-files, for their software archive.

May 31: Well it's official. The YSU server does not support sounds. It's either use the Frontpage extension so the Internet Explorer users can hear them, or not use them at all. I'm just taking them off the server and will hopefully use the extra space for more useful things.

May 30: There are some major problems with Netscape Compatibility. For some reason, the Midi files refuse to play, and the picture files such as the background refuse to display. The amazing part about all this is that I'm now using Netscape Navigator Gold to edit this page and Netscape code to play the Midi's! Internet Explorer users for some strange odd reason have perfect compatibility. These are all fresh files that were untouched by Frontpage, so that isn't the problem, and the webpage works perfectly locally. If anyone can offer me any help besides telling me to use another web authorer, E-mail me.

May 29: Netscape users can rejoice! I finally got rid of Frontpage in favor of Netscape Navigator 3.01 Gold. As you have probably noticed, The sound now plays for all browser users. If you want a change in the sounds to a more up to date, non-evil variety, E-mail me.

May 28: Added a web counter to the webpage. After adding this counter, I noticed that Netscape has a problem with it and will sometimes generate "Transfer Interrupted!". On my Netscape Browser, It sometimes will reload automatically, sometimes will not. This is the only counter I can use on this server so if it works, it does, if it doesn't, oh well. If you have major problems with it, E-mail me.

May 27: Added info pages to Icons, The Stickman collection, and The Punisher. This should hopefully answer any questions you may have about the programs.

May 15: For the first time in the history of this page, I decided to spell check it. Now all of the stupid spelling mistakes that I made are hopefully fixed.

May 14: As you can obviously see, I made a page exclusively for the news portion of the homepage. And for you poor souls that use Internet Explorer, I found an equally disturbing Midi file to go with it. I have finished rewriting NBAJam and I believe that most of the bugs have been taken out of it, but I'm not sure. Download it from the page and check frequently for updates on it if necessary.

May 13: I finally figured out why Netscape wouldn't download files correctly. It seems that all of the files have to be in zip format in order for Netscape to allow you to download them. I also took a look in my old high school papers and found a written copy of an old basketball game I made for the TI-85, namely NBAJam. It basically sucks because it has no defense, it's 1 on 1, and it's relatively easy to hit a hundred shots, But it's fun as hell to kick the crap out of the computer opponent not to mention jumping from one end of the court to the other. Expect to see it on this page as soon as I can rewrite it for the 85.

April 29: Finally figured out how to make the pictures look clearer than the older ones. Now the pictures have a clear, crisp look instead of the smudged, dirty look the older ones had. I also changed the background because the old background was too big for the slow connection to handle.

April 22: Changed the Tetris picture, fixed some text errors and added the Download procedure for Netscape. If anyone knows why Netscape doesn't download a file correctly, please E-mail me.

April 17: Updated lighting for the TI-85. I'm also considering making a stickman collection for the 85, with all the games of the 92 collection except for skydive, which uses the high speed circle drawing of the 92. If I do make the games, they will be graphically similar to the lightning game for the 85. I'm also considering moving this page to a faster YSU machine, but I have to talk with the computer dept. at YSU to see if I can still keep my faster account after June. Until then, you'll just have to wait for the page to load.

April 4: Well, This is my first attempt at a webpage so if it sucks, there is a good reason. The pictures below didn't come out as well as I thought they would. I guess using the Cut & Paste system that the Graphlink programs use doesn't do a good job. My connection is also slow so bear with me while the page loads. If a program doesn't work, or if a file is not downloadable, E-mail me and I'll send a working program to you. All of these programs will work with the TI-85 or TI-92 graphic calculator. You'll need Graphlink software and a Graphlink to use these files. All the below files are free of charge, but if you put them on a webpage, please send me the address so I can keep track of the programs if I update them in the future.

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