Halo Screenshots

Many people have been asking us what Halo will look like on the Ti83, So we decided to post some screenshots of it in it's developmental stage. It will use the Doorways 3D rendering engine to produce the most stunning visuals ever seen on a Ti83. Take a look!


NBA Hangtime Released for the Ti85 and 86

Thats right, the most popular basketball game for the Ti83 makes it's mark simultaneously on the Ti85 and the Ti86! Click on the picture to download this hot title!


Hays Acquires Fryed Software.

In an unprecedented move, Hays Corporation has acquired the Ti-Basic programming company Fryed Software. We will be incorporating Fryed Software's technology into future version of our popular Doorways operating systems, as well as future versions of NBA hangtime, Name that Nine, and our upcoming Final Fantasy Adventures. Stay tuned for more updates!


Texas Justice

It has been made official. Judge Larry Joe from the hit TV series "Texas Justice" will be presiding over the landmark Hays v. Ti-World case, which will start tomorow. Tomorow afternoon, his honor will hear opening arguments from both sides, and is expected to make his decision the folowing day. Of course, Hays will give you full updates and courtroom transcripts of all legal procedings.


Say Hello to Halo

That's right, the Hays Games Company will soon be bringing Halo to the Ti83!!! It is expected to be a full FPS powerhouse, and may even feature multiplayer from Ti83 to Xbox, by running the Ti83 to your computer, then lan'ing your xbox and pc together with a hub or switch. Should be released in time for Doorways NT3+.



The Doorways Team section has been updated, and with it comes some new information on a new version of Doorways soon to come. Could this poccibly be the Doorways v2.0 we have all been talking about? While there is little information on the page, this new Doorways (possibly Doorways 2.0) is being called doorwaysdx, which if you look at it on the picture at the Doorways Team section, looks strikingly similar to XP. We will just have to keep our fingers crossed and wait for more information. Meanwhile, it looks as if the next version of Doorways NT will be out this April for sure. And in the world of Hays Games Company today, I talked to head programmer "Macho Man" Mike, and it looks as if Hays will be bringing Dead or Alive to the Ti83 in time for Doorways NT3+!!! Stay tuned for more info.


Upcoming Lineup from Hays!

Straight from the horses mouth, I have a list of just some of the upcoming programs and games from the Hays Corporation! First off will be Hays' first ever Ti89 program, Hays Safe 2002 v2.89, brought to you by our very own Doorways Team!!! Soon after that we will release Messenger Express v3.89, also for the Ti89. Then this spring, it will be back to the Ti83/Ti83+/Ti83SE with the highly anticipated Doorways NT3+, which will feature a slew of updates from previous versions, such as the new Progtest v6.0, for a smoother and faster autodetection of your programs, the new Messenger Express v3.83, the new Hays Safe 2002 v2.83, and new special optimizations for Ti83+ and especially Ti83SE calculators! New games will include NBA Hangtime 2k2 for Doorways '98 Gold and Doorways NT3+, as well as PacMason DX! Stay tuned right here for the latest updates!


New Layout!

Once again, the public relations section of our website has undergone a new layout change.  You can probably expect to see some changes in the Hays Corporate website as well.  This new layout should be easier for you to find the news items that are important to you and the entire Ti-Community.  While our new homepage format has only been up for about an hour or so, reports have come in that such homepages as ticalc.org and tinews.net have already stolen our design and incorporated it into their homepages.  If this is indeed the case, Hays will pursue legal actions.



Ti-World Court Proceedings

The Hays Corporation is now embarking on legal proceedings against Ti World for stealing the name 'Ti World' from Ellis Industries, a Hays Corporation brand (now called Doorways Team). 'Ti-World' is explicitly ©1998 by the Hays Corporation, and we will fight this to the full extent of the law. Also, in other news, Doorways NT3+ will soon be invading your Ti83/Ti83+/Ti83SE in a major way, with many good surprises to come. Keep checking back for more info.



Doorways NT3+ Contest

We are pleased to announce that production of Doorways NT3+ has resumed! ALSO, we are having somewhat of a background picture contest for the new release. If you have any Ti83 Pic files that you would like to be the background image for Doorways NT3+, then post a link to them in our guest book! The winner will be mentioned in the Doorways NT3+ credits and read me file.



Ti83 Community

Amidst all of these downturns for Hays, we have re-opened our Ti83 Community homepage with a brand new look! So see it here! The page has a new forum, but everything else is pretty much under construction.



Beta Testers

Yes, it is December 1st, and yes, we have missed some our release dates. Let me start off by saying a few things about beta testers. When you are a beta tester, you are supposed to run through the program and make sure it doesn't have any errors. What you are NOT supposed to do is distribute the program, alter the program, add to the program, or mess with it in any such way. Due to several Beta Testers, the project Doorways ASM X is now on hold indefinitely, the project Doorways NT3+ is on hold until further notice, and the project Drag Race Championship is in risk of being flat out terminated. It is for this reason that we have canceled all Beta tests for upcoming software, including today's beta test of Name That Nine. We are not trying to offend our beta tester Patrick Davidson as we know he is not in charge of these acts against Hays, but we need to be safe. We will try to release Name That Nine ASAP, but for all you loyal Hays fans out there, you can thank jackass beta testers for possibly putting the knife through Doorways for good.



More Name That Nine Deluxe, and ASM X News

Even more exciting Name That Nine Deluxe news for you all. We have played the Alpha today, and we are most impressed. Let me start out by saying that NTN DX is sure to be an instant classic. The Beta is scheduled to be done by Friday, and Mr. Stevens has informed me that Patrick Davidson has been selected as our outside Beta tester. I can't wait to get my hands on the Beta, which features one AI, which I am assuming will be 'Penguin Man' from the alpha, and five randomly selected questions. From what I understand, the final version, set to be released on December the 5th, will feature 5 Ai's and over 50 questions. Missing in the Alpha was the AI's "chatter mode." Supposedly in the Beta, each AI will have a unique mindset and will react different ways with the host. We will have a full review of the Beta probably Saturday morning, but until now, you can have this screenshot we took of the Alpha:

Name That Nine Deluxe Alpha

There are some other developments, sad ones here at Hays. It seems that because of the way Doorways ASM X used the ZASMLOAD program, we are getting into a little bit of trouble over issues of Piracy. Although Hays refutes these allegations, we have suspended the release of Doorways ASM X indefinitely. This however will not affect the release of Doorways NT3.4 in any way whatsoever. We will keep you posted on these and other developments.



Name That Nine Deluxe

We have received several e-mails about the upcoming game for the Ti-83, Name That Nine Deluxe, so I will try to fill you in on what I do know. The game is being coded by the "Macho Man" Mike, and is about 80% complete. The Beta should be done by Saturday at the latest, and the release should be around December 5th. You will be able to go head to head with different people from the Ti-Community. Now here is the kicker: Not only will you be able to download more questions off of the 'net, but you will also be able to download more Ti-Community figure-head opponents, each with their own personality and style. And by the way, Name That Nine Deluxe will not be compatible with Doorways ASM X or Doorways '98, but MAY keyword MAY be compatible with Doorways NT3+, and would therefore be available to Ti-83+ users as well. We will just have to wait and see.



Doorways NT3.4 Announced!

This next update may seem a bit odd for some of you, but Hays is indeed delaying Doorways NT4 and instead upgrading Doorways NT3 with the upcoming December 5 release of Doorways NT3+ (v3.4) for the Ti83 and the Ti83+. The reason behind this stems from our lack of knowledge in the area of Ti-83+ assembly. This is defiantly not a bad thing though, in fact, quite the opposite. You see, Doorways NT3 has a vast library of over 50 programs and games for the Ti-83 that Ti-83+ users will now finally get to experience. Also, this gives us a chance to implement Doorways NT3 compatibility into the new Doorways NT4. However, the production of Doorways NT4 is currently pending indefinitely. The program is about 60% complete. Doorways ASM X on the other hand is a completely different story. The program is now zipped and ready to be released on December 1st. The Hays Games Company has gone full conversion mode trying to be able to release at least 8 Classic ASM games for the new shell by Saturday. We will keep you posted as always.



Ti83 User Operating System Survey

We have some interesting findings for all of you Ti-Community Social Experts on the A83 mailing list who say nobody will use Doorways. According to an independently released poll of Ti-83 users, the following are what operating systems people use most:

Doorways '98: 35%
TiOS: 17%
Ion: 15%
SOS: 14%
Doorways NT3: 11%
Aurora: 8%

Clearly, Doorways '98 is the most used operating system for the Ti83, surpassing even Ti's TiOS. When asked of those users who would upgrade to either ASM X or NT4 next month, about 98% of Doorways '98 users said they would, and about 76% of Ion users said that they would. Most TiOS users said 'wait and see,' and about 46% of combined SOS, Aurora, and Doorways NT3 users would stick with what they had. Even so, we predict that by the beginning of next year, over 50% of the Ti83 user base will have either ASM X or NT4 on their calculator.



Doorways v2.0 (ASMX) Complete!

We have received word today that just a few hours ago, the Doorways Team has completed programming of Doorways v2.0: ASM X!!! The final file size is approx. 700 bytes. We will have more information as well as a full article tomorrow or later today.



Doorways Screenshots

Just as we have promised, today we have the first screenshots of Doorways ASM X Beta 1 and Doorways NT4.0 Beta 3. Remember, these are both in Beta form, and may not look exactly like this after completion:

Doorways ASM X Beta 1

Doorways NT4 Beta 3

Doorways NT4 is about 30% complete, and Doorways ASM X is about 80% complete. The reason ASM X is going a lot quicker then Doorways NT4, is basically because ASM X is a scaled down version made to be smaller and support only ASM.




We are pleased to announce that the homepage CCG (The Official Hays ASM Site) is being admitted into our brand new HALL OF SHAME!!! CCG has won the "Worst Homepage Of The Week" award, and we would like to shun it by adding it to our hall of shame. Way to go, guys!



Doorways NT4

Earlier today we said that there would in fact be a Doorways NT4 released around the same time as Doorways ASM X. Well, we now have some more information on Doorways NT, and how the two systems differ from one another. It seems like the first entire half of code in each of the shells is almost identical. They both recognize the same ASM programs, and they both have the same general look and feel, so if you can use one, you can use the other. The main difference is that ASM X will be for standard users, and NT4 will be for more advanced users. NT4 adds several extra options that ASM X lacks. For example, NT4 will automatically detect ASM programs made for Doorways. NT4 on the other hand will still do the auto detection, but you also have the option to run non-Doorways ASM programs, or any Basic language program. This can all be set up right from within the shell. Also, Doorways NT4 will be optimized for communications software utilizing the Radio Link hardware, for wireless networking solutions within a classroom. Of course, with these extra features, Doorways NT4 will probably run about twice as big as Doorways ASM X, with a current approximate of 1300 bytes. It should still be comparable to Ion, and much more powerful, as it will be feasible to run Ion software from within Doorways NT4. We will have screens of both shells right here tomorrow.



Doorways ASMX Q/A

Just one day after we announced Doorways ASM X as our upcoming shell for the Ti83 graphing calculator, we have received literally over 50 e-mails from members of the community asking questions about the upcoming shell. Because of this, I had a one on one with Jake Dorhan, head programmer behind ASM X, and found some answers to many of your questions. That being said, I can say for certain the following is true:

Doorways ASM X will *NOT* support Ion programs in it's initial release
Doorways ASM X will *NOT* support Basic programs in it's initial release, however:
Future Basic support is *VERY* likely
Doorways ASM X *WILL* meet it's release deadline
There *WILL* be a Doorways NT4, and it *WILL* be compatible with ASM X

That's all we have for right now. Also, either by later today or by tomorrow at the latest, we will have the first screen shots of the new Doorways ASM X, and some screen shots of Doorways NT4!!! ALSO, we will probably have a news article devoted to NT4 later today, which is slated to be released along side Doorways ASM X.



Corporate Restructuring, Doorways v2.0 Announced!

The Hays Corporation today decided to do a little bit of restructuring to focus on mainstream Ti programming. Also, we have created a brand new 'branch' so to say, devoted primarily to all of the false rhetoric and accusations that come our way. This is the Hays Public Relations Office. That's us. We will be in charge of letting the community know about everything Hays, as well as handling and quickly responding to everything anti-Hays as soon as we find out about it.

That being said, we have some exciting new news about the upcoming operating system from the Hays Corporation Doorways Team. I am of course talking about the long awaited Doorways v2.0, which is being code named 'ASM X.' ASM X will be a revolutionary new shell for the Ti83 and Ti83+ which will be a very strong contender to other mainstream shells such as Ion. Some of the features we tested out in the ASM X beta we received from the Doorways Team include: detection of 8 ASM games or programs at a time, standard APD feature, beta under 500 bytes in size, and most importantly, the shell scored very high in the Ti-Mark Z80 benchmark software. Ti-Mark is an in-house benchmark program for the Ti83 developed by HC Labs, one of our three software developing teams. A normal Ti83 scores about 3500 Ti-Marks with new batteries in Ti-OS mode with a clear memory. ASM X was scoring about 3150, which is only about a 10% loss. Ion scores about 3085, and Aurora scores about 2460. And the Doorways Team had told us that they were planning some optimizations for the final version which they claim have boosted their performance to 98% in some tests. We will just have to wait and see. Doorways ASM X is slated for a December 10 release.