Ti-92 Programs




Slayers The Rolplay Game Ver 2.0

Slayers Info
Slayers, The Roleplaying Game Slayers RPG is the current RPG Made by Nomad Software. based on the Slayers anime series, you play Lina Inverse, Gourry, and Zelgadis. You're being hunted by bounty hunters, your job is to find out why and put a stop to this for once and for all. A vast world with many hidden secrets and items to find. About a 15-25 hour rpg.
Final Fantasy VII Ver 1.3

Final Fantasy VII Info
Final Fantasy VII This game is one of the most graphical Games on Ti-basic to date, and the storyline behind it is just as good as the graphics. As Cloud, You walk around two Continents in search of a Destructive Force that is attempting to control the lifestream. A must play if you are a FF7 Fan.
Icons Ver 6.3

Icons Info
Icons Program Management System The standard by which all TI-basic Driven GUI's are Judged. Also one of the first true GUI's for the 92. Can feature Background wallpaper and screensavers. It also automatically sets up custom toolbars and even has a home screen window for quick calculations without exiting Icons. Comes with folder icon and screensaver.
Icon Editor For Icons Ver 1.2 Icon Editor for Icons Included with Icons 5.4 and above, This utility helps you create dazzling icons for your Icons Interface.  It features dual size views for easy drawing and support for up to 16x16 size icons. Will work with any Icons version.
The Stickman Collection The Stickman Collection Not just one game, many games featuring one of my personal characters, Stickman. Save Stickman from his arch nemesis, the cloud! perils such as lightning strikes, dog attacks, skydiving incidents and tornadoes add to the fun. Also comes with icons and screensaver for the Icons GUI (some of them are shown in the Icons screenshot)
Gorillas Ver Ti-92 Gorillas Based on the Microsoft Qbasic classic, throw the explosive device toward your opponent taking account for wind speed, angle, and velocity. A two player, non linked, game.

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