Ti-85/86 Programs




nPo Vs Hays Game Co. nPo Vs Hays Game Co. Walk into the Hays Game Co. Stronghold as a nPo member and destroy all resistance inside the compound, Foiling Derrick Stephens Plan to take over the world!! Based on the Punsyst Engine. Ti-86 Only.
Gorillas Ver 5.0 Gorillas This Game of gorillas is the same game that is on the Ti-92. only for the Ti-85.
Lightning Ver 2.0 Lightning The same lightning program found in the stickman collection, only crappier and faster
Numbers Ver 5.0 Numbers Guess the number between 1-1000. Saves the highest score and Even has a wire link 2 player head2head competition.
Chat Ver 1.0 Chat A chat program for the Ti-85. Sorry I didn't copy the chat program out of the Ti-92 booklet for downloading but I know it works.
Racing Ver 5.0 Racing Not really a racing game, but it's still fun. Dodge the barrels outlining the course to rank points. Shift on the fly view change from an overhead view to an rear view. It even has an hyper mode for the player with a death wish.
Tetris Ver 5.0 Tetris This high speed Tetris clone has 9 levels of play, saves the three highest scores with names, and includes an easy to use install program for easy transfer of game to newer Ti-85's.
NBAJam Ver 1.1 NBAJam This basketball clone of the popular game kinda sucks graphically, but is fun as hell. Name your own team as well as shooting around for points. It's still being tested so it may be updated frequently.

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